‘Battlefield 3: Armored Kill’ Hands-On Preview [Game Rant]

The next expansion for ‘Battlefield 3′ has been revealed at E3 2012. Read our hands-on impressions of the all-out vehicle carnage of ‘Armored Kill.’

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BiggCMan2176d ago

I think the size of the 5 expansions they announced on Monday, that span across the next 12 months, shows they really want this game to live for a long time, and I love that. While Close Quarters is really the only one that doesn't particularly appeal to me (I much prefer the huge games), they all provide something for everyone, and will keep people playing for a long time instead of buying a new game next year.

dazzrazz2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

You mean 3 not 5, technically 2 are already out.Question is how long do the players want this game to be alive ? Especially with tons of unfixed bugs and Dice introducing new ones with each patch/dlc bundle. Personally I won't be purchasing any dlc content until audio issues are gonna be solved, just can't imagine how people are willing to spend extra 50 bucks on a title that has serious sound issues for past 7 months aka since game was released 0_o

Also looks like 1st map pack for people who pre-ordered is just a giant scam .. if they purchase premium they paying for it and it was suppose to be free, but now EA charges even those people as a part of Bundle

venom062176d ago

PREMIUM IS DEFINITELY WORTH THE COST..... and all these expansions will keep this game going for a long time... now hurry up and get CQ to us on the XBOX..

Hufandpuf2176d ago

I wonder how it will translate to console.