E3 2012: We Enlist in Halo 4's Spartan Ops Co-op Mode - IGN


Finally getting to play Halo 4 – first in the form of the all-new Spartan Ops mode, and then in War Games (nee competitive multiplayer) – we were immediately struck by two things. First, despite being in the hands of a brand-new developer (343 Industries), the debut game in the next Master Chief trilogy plays and feels exactly like Halo, which is perhaps the highest compliment we can pay a new studio taking the reins of one of gaming’s biggest franchises. And second, we don’t know where 343 found their engineers, but the revamped graphics engine for Halo 4 is downright gorgeous. It is leaps and bounds above all previous iterations, highlighted by everything from the orange glow subtly reflecting off of our weapons when the mission began to the incredible resplendent detail in each Spartan IV.

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