Dead Island Riptide Currently in Development

For a new IP, 360Sync was pretty impressed with Dead Island last year. Today, Deep Silver has just confirmed that Dead Island Riptide is currently being developed for consoles and PC.

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JaredH2083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

I hope they can keep the same tone and mood in this next installment. For the first game they tried to match the trailer in the cutscenes yet my character comically yelled things in-game.

WeskerChildReborned2083d ago

Also i hope it's not broken like the first one cause now i don't even know if i'm gonna be picking this up.

DAKing2402083d ago

Yeah, the trailer didn't really reflect the game.. but if they make the game a bit smoother, and add a few new features, I'll be happy. I just really enjoyed the seemless co-op, and being able to drop in and out easily.

Disccordia2083d ago

With some love and polish this series has potential. Good luck to the devs

DjDATZ2083d ago

I hope they can refine this to be a solid zombie shooter! Missed out on the first one unfortunately due to the mixed reviews.

0pie2083d ago

its a game or a dlc?

Donski2083d ago

The press release doesn't specify, but I'd be very surprised if this isn't a retail title.

0pie2083d ago

thats fast for a new game no? i mean... Dead Island was out last years i think? Am i wrong?

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