Dead Space 3 - Dropping Competitive Multiplayer, Co-op, Release Date, And More

TheParanoidGamer - Some new details on Dead Space 3 has been revealed from the next Gameinformer issue.

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NYC_Gamer1995d ago

These two features i am against

Now has universal ammo pickups
Cover system added

Lucretia1995d ago

wtf, the game is even easier now? i beat the first 2 on hard on my first try and still found it too easy. i thought there was plenty of ammo, not universal ammo.....great so now im not forced to use the other guns when my hand gun runs out of ammo.

hope they let you play on Very hard from the start then -_-

dark-hollow1995d ago

and the streamlining plague strikes again!
seriously am sick of this shit!

ufo8mycat1995d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Not sure why people are surprised.

There hasen't been a difficult game now for couple generations

Catering for the casuals

RandomDude6551995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Universal Ammo Pickups....
.... to those dumb enough to not find ammo or switch guns...this game doesn't sound good already

Lucretia1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

for real, it was already to much that the game had a quest locator now this crap. bleh

well hopefully they have more than 5 enemy types this time

Nimblest-Assassin1995d ago

Guys before we all start flipping shit... lets just wait till monday, when we get to see the game in motion

Cover and Universal ammo(still torn on both) might add something good to the game

Maybe your gun combinations interact with one another, and besides, many people know that everyone primarily uses the plasma cutter... so they just kept giving plasma cutter ammo

Maybe they did this to encourage gun experimentation... we don't know. Lets wait till monday

user54670071995d ago

If people keep waiting for these things to happen then it will be too late to complain

First you'll want to wait to see the guns in action, then you'll want to wait untill closer to release to hear even more news and then you'll want to wait untill the game is out and by then it will be too late to complain

Dead Space could of been great, it could of taken all of RE old fans but instead they've became greedy and tried to attract the action, COD, crowd.

I say we complain now and make ourselfs heard.

EA have f*cked's time they felt the consequences of their actions

snipes1011995d ago

I highly doubt they will change anything even if people complain. It would be too much work to change anything and they made the decision so they will stick with it.

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NastyLeftHook01995d ago

Dead Space is easily this gens best horror game. I cannot wait for the third.

dgonza401994d ago

Or at least it was..

They lowered the intensity compared to the 1st dead space.
Dead space 2 was more action orientated, and now they
seem to be making it easier gameplay wise.

Althoughh I love the series (platinumed both, and CE for DS2),
I'm not psyched for the direction their heading in. Hopefully I'm
all wrong. Gonna get it regardless because the story is so interesting
but probably not day 1

FunAndGun1995d ago

dropping competitive multiplayer - YAY!

adding co-op - BOO!

Army of 2 in space is not needed.

SwiftShot1994d ago

How can you even say that!!!

Droid Control1995d ago

love co-op, hate multiplayer

xyxzor1995d ago

It could work, or break the survival horror element even more.

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