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Dead Space 3 - Dropping Competitive Multiplayer, Co-op, Release Date, And More

TheParanoidGamer - Some new details on Dead Space 3 has been revealed from the next Gameinformer issue. (Dead Space 3, PS3, Xbox 360)

NYC_Gamer  +   767d ago
These two features i am against

Now has universal ammo pickups
Cover system added
Lucretia  +   767d ago
wtf, the game is even easier now? i beat the first 2 on hard on my first try and still found it too easy. i thought there was plenty of ammo, not universal ammo.....great so now im not forced to use the other guns when my hand gun runs out of ammo.

hope they let you play on Very hard from the start then -_-
dark-hollow  +   767d ago
and the streamlining plague strikes again!
seriously am sick of this shit!
ufo8mycat  +   767d ago
Not sure why people are surprised.

There hasen't been a difficult game now for couple generations

Catering for the casuals
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Greyfoxdbz  +   767d ago
What has this game become?
cchum  +   767d ago
Universal Ammo Pickups....
LOL....catering to those dumb enough to not find ammo or switch guns...this game doesn't sound good already
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Lucretia  +   767d ago
for real, it was already to much that the game had a quest locator now this crap. bleh

well hopefully they have more than 5 enemy types this time
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cchum  +   767d ago
Press "X" to win
Nimblest-Assassin  +   767d ago
Guys before we all start flipping shit... lets just wait till monday, when we get to see the game in motion

Cover and Universal ammo(still torn on both) might add something good to the game

Maybe your gun combinations interact with one another, and besides, many people know that everyone primarily uses the plasma cutter... so they just kept giving plasma cutter ammo

Maybe they did this to encourage gun experimentation... we don't know. Lets wait till monday
user5467007  +   767d ago
If people keep waiting for these things to happen then it will be too late to complain

First you'll want to wait to see the guns in action, then you'll want to wait untill closer to release to hear even more news and then you'll want to wait untill the game is out and by then it will be too late to complain

Dead Space could of been great, it could of taken all of RE old fans but instead they've became greedy and tried to attract the action, COD, crowd.

I say we complain now and make ourselfs heard.

EA have f*cked up...it's time they felt the consequences of their actions
snipes101  +   767d ago
I highly doubt they will change anything even if people complain. It would be too much work to change anything and they made the decision so they will stick with it.
NastyLeftHook0  +   767d ago
Dead Space is easily this gens best horror game. I cannot wait for the third.
dgonza40  +   767d ago
Or at least it was..

They lowered the intensity compared to the 1st dead space.
Dead space 2 was more action orientated, and now they
seem to be making it easier gameplay wise.

Althoughh I love the series (platinumed both, and CE for DS2),
I'm not psyched for the direction their heading in. Hopefully I'm
all wrong. Gonna get it regardless because the story is so interesting
but probably not day 1
FunAndGun  +   767d ago
dropping competitive multiplayer - YAY!

adding co-op - BOO!

Army of 2 in space is not needed.
SwiftShot  +   767d ago
How can you even say that!!!
Droid Control  +   767d ago
love co-op, hate multiplayer
xyxzor  +   767d ago
It could work, or break the survival horror element even more.
jdfoster  +   767d ago
Great! So glad they're dropping multilayer and interested to see how co-op will work
AdmiralSnake  +   767d ago
Why do people hate co-op ?

I think it's a great additions to any game when developed right. Most of the time, the co-op is completely separate and worked on by a dedicated staff for it.

People need to get over the " co-op ruins the experience of single player, or the once dumb assumption how the single player is half ass" when now these days the form 2 teams for a dedicated single player and dedicated co-op.
FunAndGun  +   767d ago
I don't hate co-op, I just don't think a game like Dead Space NEEDS co-op...just like it didn't NEED multiplayer.
JAMurida  +   767d ago
True but devs for some reason feel they need it to have replay vaule. Even though just playing on new game+ and the hardest difficulty is already more than enough for me.

But I won't complain if co-op is in the game, as long as it's not stupid.
AdmiralSnake  +   767d ago
Well I think it's fine if developed right. YOU don't have to play it at the end of the day, there's nothing WRONG to add it for the ones who want it ^_^. You and OTHER PEOPLE can be happy.
SKUD  +   767d ago
I agree with funandgun.

DS2 just went in an whole different direction from DS1. I can't imagine the countless man hours and resources it took just to add useless MP. All that work could of gone into driving the story forward and refining gameplay. Its a shame how single player games are frowned upon. For now, DS3 is a rent.
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user5467007  +   767d ago
Well maybe because co-op dosen't need to be in every game especialy a survival horror

"People need to get over the " co-op ruins the experience of single player, or the once dumb assumption how the single player is half ass" when now these days the form 2 teams for a dedicated single player and dedicated co-op"

Jesus christ ¬¬

It dosen't make a difference if they form two teams because they'll still have HALF the man power for single player.

Co-op, 9 times out of 10 RUINS single player games and it's people like you who support this who ruin it aswell for single player lovers.

When a game is built up around co-op it works, when it's added when it hasn't had it before (Resident Evil 5) it sucks...it's fact
AdmiralSnake  +   767d ago
"People like me who ruins single player games"

Funny, most of my games ARE SINGLE PLAYER with no multiplayer function. Your dumb assumption goes out the window.

How is it HALF the man power ? This is flawed beyond belief. I said it's DEDICATED, whether or not they add another team is pointless, because a team is already dedicated for that portion of the game. I don't ruin anything.

How can you be so blind ?

For example, Uncharted 2 has multiplayer and it's really great with a great single player.

Naughty dog had 2 dedicated teams for the portion of the game. In development everything is planned out carefully on who does what, or how many people is needed for what.

So easy to blame co-op or a multiplayer for everything that goes wrong with the single player. The story and script is usually done already. Since development usually gets done right after the game is done.

Yeah, people on this site are delusional, which is why I barely say much on the comments. You get flamed by (OMG people like you ruin this and ruin that)

Also if they need more man power for the development cycle, I'm sure these company can afford to hire other developers.
FarCryLover182  +   767d ago
Universal ammo? Dafug???? Did Bioware come over to the Visceral studio one day?
colonel179  +   767d ago
What does universal ammo mean?

I am not liking a lot of stuff that the game is adding. It's weird because Dead Space was a fresh air from the changes (for worse) that Resident Evil was having. Now Dead Space is trying to go RE route? (Which is the worst route to take ever for this game)
bwazy  +   767d ago
It means that there is ONE ammo type for EVERY gun.

Much like in the Mass Effect series.
Cajun Chicken  +   767d ago
Concerned about the inclusion of cover unless it's more related to stealth.
FarCryLover182  +   767d ago
The rumors from a while back pointed to human enemies. So it'll probably be to avoid the gunfire from them as well as Necros who shoot projectiles. Or maybe humans are the enemy the whole game...with a pinch of necros spliced in. I would hope that's not the case.
Rampaged Death  +   767d ago
Cover system ...... Noooooooo !
IIC0mPLeXII  +   767d ago
Good they dropped multiplayer. Looks like Visceral realized how stupid the inclusion of it was in Dead Space 2. Kudos to all the idiots who bought the map packs for it, you essentially funded Dead Space 3.
AgreeFairy  +   767d ago
They realized how stupid multiplayer was in Dead Space 2 but were too dumb to see how retarded co-op is in Dead Space 3. Dead Space 3 will be the worst Dead Space game yet.
FarCryLover182  +   767d ago
The map packs for DS2 were free though. They even knew then it was a failure.
tigertron  +   767d ago
I only want co-op if its like a horde mode.
Rhezin  +   767d ago
why do people b!tch about having no competitive multi yet WHINE about having co-op? Stupid..
2v1  +   767d ago
what a waste of game dead space
ninjahunter  +   767d ago
You know what, if their cutting co-op in lost planet 3 then im ecstatic that their adding it in Deadspace 3.
Blitz001  +   767d ago
Uni ammo? WTF is wrong with developers these days...
Kinect  +   767d ago
Incoming flop
cchum  +   767d ago
Universal ammo and....
more ammo...

Just a hint publishers...making your game more like Uncharted/Gears/COD doesn't guarantee you sales, as those games are the best of their breed. Give us something unique for a change.

Don't know how I feel about this either "They want DS3 to be less linear than 2&1". I kinda liked the "shuttle" structure.

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aawells07  +   767d ago
So Dead Space 3 is dropping competitive multiplayer, co-op, release date, and more? If they keep dropping stuff there wont be any thing left. jk ;)
InTheLab  +   767d ago
How much do you want to bet they let you save anywhere in DS3 instead of the static checkpoints...

Gen 7...worst gen ever. Streamlining, Fanboys, and DLC....
trenso1  +   767d ago
Co-op not bad as long as the single player doesn't suffer.
Cover system? Could work but takes away from the tension of always having to watch your back
Universal ammo? Wtf were they thinking this is (or was) a survival horror game. What's this point if every gun has the same ammo type?! Always saving ammo in your best gun in case shit went down. Now you won't need to and just use that gun all the way through the game. Are they gamma give us fully upgraded guns too make this game easier than it already is?
Breadcrab  +   767d ago
I'm starting to think Visceral Games has a very low opinion of our intelligence.
Oldman100  +   767d ago
It seems to be a trend for almost all developers this gen. It saddens me.
azshorty2003  +   767d ago
Damn, one of my favorite games is taking a dive. Not too thrilled with the changes. Have to wait and see.
chukamachine  +   767d ago
As long as pacing is correct the ammo, should not matter. But not quite sure why they messed with it.

Glad co-op is in, hopefully both split and online.

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