Sony’s E3 Live Streams To Show 25 To 30 New Game Demos

Sony’s press conference, held next Monday at the LA Sports Arena (like last year) will play host to a good chunk of new gaming, from demos of titles we know about and at least two we haven’t.

In addition, an ambitious streaming setup will showcase between 25 and 30 new game demos over the four day E3 week, according to a new post on the US PlayStation Blog.

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Snookies122393d ago

Sounds like Sony is poised to be the best at this year's E3. Though I can't count Nintendo out, will definitely have to see what they're offering. Microsoft I'm on edge with, I'm not even sure if it'll be worth watching if their main focus is going to be on Live instead of games. Anyway, regardless of who does best, it's sounding like an exciting E3, and I'm hoping it will be after the last 2-3 years kind of sucked.

FlashXIII2393d ago

Sony's lineup does seem like it could do away with the competition again especially if there focus is almost entirely on games. However while the saying is getting slightly old, the winners of E3 as always will be us the gamers.

RedDead2393d ago

Really? It's been Nintendo one of the years there with the WiiU reveal

DigitalRaptor2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

80% games:-

55% Vita
45% PS3 (includes PS Move).

20% services/sales presentation:-

PSN, PS Suite, PS+ and new features (Gaikai), sales charts and fluff.

Walker2393d ago

God of War Ascension Single Player Campaign Demo, I am looking forward for this game .

Oh W8, The Last of Us, This Game is Gonna be Awesome !

THC CELL2393d ago

Sony could win e3 ms has no chance and well Nintendo are really set to. Be par with this gen really

YodaCracker2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

In your mind, Microsoft might have "no chance", but in the reality outside of N4G they have just as much chance as Nintendo or Sony to "win" E3 (whatever that means).

LOL_WUT2393d ago

Sure keep telling yourself that.

a_squirrel2393d ago

YodaCracker is right about 'chances', but he means, without any knowledge or information about anything any of them are doing.

With what will probably go down, Sony will have the best chance. I'd say after that it's Halo, Gears of War, and whatever big game they have vs Nintendo Wii U and whatever popular games they have (which they always do, it's just a given)

And then there's the possibility of new hardware announcements.

So all of the above simply shows that 'chances are' that Sony will have the best showing. What do people like? Games. Lots of Games. What will Sony probably have? Games. Lots of Games. There you have it.

| Oh! A headcount for fanboys,

Who here is into video games because of the console itself, not actually any games? Anyone? Hmm. Guess it's not just all fanboys saying Sony.

smashcrashbash2393d ago

So now we are going to pretend that everyone outside N4G is happy that Microsoft is blowing off games to talk about services and hardware instead?. I know there are delusional people like that out there but if Sony or Nintendo had said that they would have had the same sentiment on or off N4G.

supraking9512393d ago

they have no chance really, sorry but based on the gttv trailer which tells which developers will be showing at the MS conference, all those will be games on PS3 as well. They will show Halo 4 but sadly even MS fans turned against that series sadly, all they want is CoD and thats what there gonna get, Blops 2 fake real time demo ( please connect 360 controller fake message like for Blops 1 LMAO) and exclusive timed DLC.

Emilio_Estevez2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

What makes you think they(MS) do? To 'win' E3 you have to show your games. Their lineup was almost all 3rd party. Only time will tell, but they are gonna have to pull out something, or a lot of somethings big to even get close to Ninty and Sony. Exclusive DLC and Kinect won't cut it. IMO at least.

TheDarkTyrant2392d ago

Halo 4 looks awesome, but what else is there?

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Y_51502393d ago

Would that be the craziest thing if Sony would show about all of these 25-30 demos and announce the PS4. That would blow my mind!

HeartlesskizZ2393d ago

Please show The last of Us!

supraking9512393d ago

i agree but im starting to feel like I already know Last of Us will be epic so I kinda wanna to know less and less of it to be surprised when I buy it day one. I think all they should show is a quick E3 trailer and mention how co-op or multiplayer will work. Dont show any more environments or story related stuff

Freak of Nature2393d ago

I agree. And while we are at it I sure hope to see something from Media Molecules new IP.

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