"A major announcement" from The Witcher developer incoming

The Witcher franchise developer CD Projekt is set to make "a major announcement" next week, the studio's announced.

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NYC_Gamer2400d ago

What could this major announcement be?

Paradicia2400d ago

Hopefully a new project. The witcher 3 can always wait until next gen, it's not that long away anyway.

Patriots_Pride2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

A new project would be great and ideal for the fans.

CD Projekt are amazing developers and remind me allot of the old Bioware - hopefully they can survive as an Independent studio in the current game industry with out being purchased by EA or Activiion and turned into AHOLES.

The Witcher 2 puts Dragon Age 2 to shame and deserves more sales than DA but unfortunately we live in a gen were making a game more casual and easy equals more sales.

GraveLord2400d ago

A PS3 port is highly likely.

We all know how Microsoft loves throwing money at timed-exclusives.

tallkidoPL2400d ago

It will be something good as always from cd projekt.

KonaBro2400d ago

New game or The Witcher 2 for PS3.

YodaCracker2400d ago

The latter hardly seems like a MAJOR announcement.

Regent_of_the_Mask2400d ago

True. Nobody cares about the witcher. It's just a mediocre version of Dragon Age.

FlashBack2400d ago

Either you are a troll or really really dumb

Patriots_Pride2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

Witcher 2 on PS3 sounds about right, which i really dont care for since I played on my PC but Witcher VITA now that would make me happy and go out and buy a VITA.

ddurand12400d ago

Im hoping for this also.

MAJ0R2400d ago

The Witcher 2 for the Vita, hmm that would be interesting.

PS3 development seems unlikely considering how difficult PS3 can be to develop.

The Witcher 3 seems more likely considering we are getting closer to E3.

TopDudeMan2400d ago

Would be nice if it was a PS3 port.

Still haven't gotten a chance to play it yet and won't have a decent PC for a good few months, now.

NastyLeftHook02400d ago

it would be cool, i would buy it again on my ps3 to support this game.

Kamikaze1352400d ago

A new game. It's too early too announce The Witcher 3, they already said they aren't releasing the Witcher 2 for the PS3 because they can't, and we already know they are working on a new game besides Witcher 3.

SlxTeN2400d ago

can you give me the link to the news where they say why they cant port witcher 2 to ps3?

jony_dols2400d ago

Actually the opposite:

"Sure we would like to see the game on PlayStation and we'd like to deliver it to those players," developer Marek Ciemak told NowGamer back at Gamescom in August. "But we can't do everything at the same time and it's a little more difficult than the Xbox version for us. Maybe if we have more manpower it would be a little bit easier."

And since April they have been hiring extensively.

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The story is too old to be commented.