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McPixel review | AppsZoom

750d ago - McPixel is genre-less hilarious game so pixelated that will bring you back to 80s | Android

Half Hour Of Indie: McPixel

911d ago - Brett spotlights indie games of new and old in half hour of indie. This week he played McPixel. A... | PC

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McPixel Review - Mini Steam Reviews

928d ago - When you first boot up the game, McPixel warns you that long play sessions can lead to brain dama... | PC

McPixel Review | [blank]'s Universe

1024d ago - [blank]'s Universe's Benson Pan: McPixel, no matter how weird or abnormal, is a fine game at a lo... | PC

Why Are Indies Embracing Piracy as Big Companies Fight It?

1070d ago - GP writer Marcus Estrada discusses the question of why indie game developers are embracing piracy... | PC

Day Seven of ‘The Advent of Indies’ – Sos Sosowski

1159d ago - The Advent of Indies is a new site dedicated to the first 24 days of December, showcasing a new I... | PC

Indie Game HQ Review: ‘McPixel’ by Mikolaj ‘Sos’ Kaminski

1194d ago - Nathan from Indie Game HQ takes a look at McPixel by Mikolaj Kaminski AKA ‘Sos’. It was originall... | PC

We Pay What We Want

1195d ago - Entertainium's Luci Kelemen shares her thoughts on the Hotline Miami controversy involving The Pi... | PC

McPixel | Review - AWESOMEoutof10

1211d ago - Fraser Brown revels in the insanity of McPixel while trying to stop everything from blowing up. H... | PC

McPixel Review - Psychiatric Help Please | Pixels For Breakfast

1218d ago - Pixels For Breakfast writes: If you think defiling a cow with a bone is “funny” then McPixel and... | PC

McPixel Review at CalmDownTom

1220d ago - CalmdDownTom says, "Silliness, kick ass 8-bit music, explosions and pixelated rainbows. What more... | PC

'McPixel' Now On Steam, Offering Free DLC and New User Created Levels

1229d ago - McPixel was one of the first games that had been greenlit on Steam, and is now available for purc... | PC

Getting the Greenlight – What Valve’s Steam recommendation service means to indie games developers

1240d ago - The Independent: "With Valve announcing the first ten titles to be ‘Greenlit’ on its Steam servic... | PC

McPixel Review | GameCola

1240d ago - "There is no reason why the game must be a standalone game. What I’m trying to say is: McPixel fe... | PC

Out of Continues Ep 41: Anniversary Special!

1240d ago - Sayed Stafa, Anthony, and Ali get together to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the Out of Cont... | PC

Indie dev promoting his work through The Pirate Bay

1242d ago - We've heard endless debates on the topic and endured draconian DRM systems for far longer than th... | PC

GameZebo: McPixel developer: “deeming Piracy as theft is wrong.” [interview]

1244d ago - GameZebo: Head over to The Pirate Bay right now for a quick download. No, really, it’s okay. I wo... | PC

The First Set of Games Get Greenlighted on Steam Greenlight

1245d ago - The first set of 10 games to be greenlighted through Valve's interactive platform, Steam Greenlig... | PC

DigitalSpy: Mobile review round-up: 'Super Hexagon', 'HueBrix', 'McPixel', more

1245d ago - GDN: Each week, Digital Spy rounds up the biggest mobile gaming releases with reviews and trailer... | iPhone

Pocket Gamer: McPixel Review

1251d ago - Pocket Gamer: It's curious how a time limit can change the way you approach a problem. If you hav... | iPhone

List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

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TouchGen: McPixel Review

1252d ago - TouchGen: McPixel is the kind of game that could only turn up on touchscreen devices, and only ma... | iPhone

McPixel Impressions | Splitkick

1257d ago - Splitkick: McPixel is a stupid game. Developer Sos decided to take the speed of WarioWare games a... | PC

McPixel review | Select Start Media

1287d ago - "McPixel is a point-and-click adventure starring the eponymous hero as he saves the day – a phras... | PC

McPixel Review: Crazy Stupid Awesome [Dealspwn]

1301d ago - writes: "McPixel is profoundly stupid, devastatingly intelligent, hilarious, crazy,... | PC
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