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What I’d Like to See in the next Mass Effect Game

42d ago - DJMMT: "Now I don’t need to say that Mass Effect is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, fra... | PC

What I Want To See In Mass Effect 4

62d ago - Muaz at Twinfinite writes: "I wanted to preface this edition of Make It So with the caveat that I... | PC

Who’s Your Video Game Valentine? DualShockers’ Chooses Their Favorite Characters Of All Time

69d ago - Masoud House of DualShockers writes: "Here at DualShockers, we really love video games. And no... | Culture

Fantastic Neighborhood Gaiden Episode 6: Developer Swap

76d ago - Ever wonder what it would be like if you could switch a games developers? The hosts talk about th... | Culture

Filmwatch April Contests

Now - Calling all Marvel fans. Come celebrate the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier with us as we give away a cool prize for fans of Cap plu... | Promoted post

Obituary: Mordin Solus

87d ago - GamingLives' writer Kris prepares an obituary for the Salarian Professor, Mordin Solus. "Befor... | PC

Video Game Vacation Destinations

92d ago - Mike from Twinfinite writes: So long suckers, I’m on holidays! After four long years of workin... | Culture

Games Only Podcast Episode 117 - Games of the Generation

127d ago - Seeing as this generation is coming to a close, we decided to make a retrospective of some of the... | Xbox 360

Choice and Interpersonal Relationships in Games | Boss Dungeon

146d ago - Emma Karlholm shares her thoughts on why having options in relationships between characters adds... | Industry

10 Best Mass Effect Squadmates

167d ago - "November 7th is declared by Bioware to be N7 day, for obvious reasons. This is a day when Mass E... | PC

Importance of Diversity in Gaming?

246d ago - There was a discussion some time ago which centered around diversity in games being a bad thing.... | Industry

Mass Effect Foundation – The Future of the Series?

270d ago - Twinfinite writes: "Mass Effect fans, eat your hearts out, we’ve heard unconfirmed rumblings that... | PC

The Top 5: Female Protagonists

324d ago - We’re finally being introduced to the newest female protagonist in video games, Nilin from Rememb... | PS2

A Look at the Video Game Industry’s Obsession with Trilogies

341d ago -'s Dave Walsh looks at the recent trend in gaming involving story-driven games being... | Xbox 360

The No-Where-Near-Daily Origin Spotlight 24/04

364d ago - Well I didn't think I'd be busting out this spotlight again so soon! | PC

10 Ideas for the Future of Mass Effect

415d ago - With the final piece of Mass Effect 3 DLC being released this week, Matt of Gaming Irresponsibly... | PC

Happy Palentine's Day from Twinfinite

435d ago - Mike says: "February 13th can be dubbed Palentine’s Day (coined by yours truly, by the way). In t... | GameCube

The Games, The Media, and The Violence

494d ago - Kevin wrote a quick piece on the media/people and the shooting which occurred on December 14th. W... | PC

Mass Effect' Facebook Page Attacked Because Misidentified Shooting Suspect Liked It

495d ago - In the wake of the terrible tragedy in Connecticut, initial reports said the shooter was a 24 yea... | Culture

Jack Wall Says He Would Be Open to Returning To The Mass Effect Franchise (GamerHub.TV)

508d ago - We recently got a chance to talk with Jack Wall and asked him how different it was for him scorin... | PC

I’m Commander Shepard, and This is My Favorite Art of the Citadel

508d ago - Cook & Becker have teamed up with both BioWare and DICE to offer fine art quality giclée prints o... | Culture

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Review

Now - Ken dives into this (brief) Metal Gear mission. | Promoted post

New Mass Effect Being Developed with Frostbite 2

528d ago - BioWare has today revealed the first true details on the forthcoming fourth title in the bloodlin... | PC

The Top 10 Video Games Of All Time (In My Opinion Anyway)

534d ago - DaxGamer - "Ok all, these are the Top 10 Games that I keep coming back to for some reason over th... | PC

If it were a movie... Mass Effect

586d ago - What would be the most suitable cast for an hypothetic Mass Effect movie? Let's find out! | PC

Carrying Over: How BioWare and Telltale Are Changing The Game

587d ago - | What’s the most important in-game innovation this generation? An argument could... | PC

This Guy Makes Nerf Guns Awesome

619d ago - Etsy user Viktor Graves doesn't manipulate the hardware of Nerf guns, but he does add impressive... | Culture
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