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sreiches  +   1128d ago
On Pandora, it would seem "safe" is relative.
32froshes  +   1128d ago
On Pandora, safety is a bajillion warm guns.
JoshEngen  +   1128d ago
Oh Pandora, you have shitty cell coverage.
JoshEngen  +   1128d ago
I did the same thing for this poster:
32froshes  +   1128d ago
Was it because of all the words, or because of Katherine Heigl?

Wait. I probably already know the answer to that.
JoshEngen  +   1128d ago
Because I love that movie so much.
ghettosmurf  +   1128d ago
For what it's worth, I haven't played Borderlands extensively (lvl 12 tops), nor have I immersed myself in the hype of the sequel, but that didn't stop me from easily recognizing Hyperion.

Still, I really need to finish the first one already...
strange1986  +   1128d ago
I've been soaking up ever bit of Borderlands 2 coverage I can, but this seems like a serious case of over analysis. Neat picture though.
32froshes  +   1128d ago
I think the entire point of the article was to over-analyze the image.

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