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zerocrossing  +   1036d ago
I don't place much value on graphics, or at least it's never been a selling point for me.

Obviously some games require a certain degree of graphical realism to help with immersion and such, but for the most part a good story and gameplay should come 1st.

The problem I see with this gen, is that now it has become rather easy for most developers to create high end graphics, leading to many games relying almost solely on how pretty they look rather than creating rich compelling worlds, characters & story's.
imtheman2013  +   1036d ago
I agree. The point of this blog is exactly that. Most graphics are definitely above par now and I think developers don't need new hardware to create special and unique experiences.
zerocrossing  +   1036d ago
Now if only the gaming industry at large would see it that way...
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