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KingJuggernaut  +   1242d ago
I really loved the original, and have been waiting for this release. Nothing like an awesome dungeon crawler to keep you grinding for hours. Oh yeah and I was the first post so I should Get in!!!! BOOYA!
Lazy_Sunday  +   1242d ago | Funny
Well, I believe I should get the beta keys for several reasons:

1) I posted right after the first comment, so you know you know I know I'm special. And by special, I mean better than everybody else. Not in a selfish way, just in a 'haha, I'm better than you, seriously, I am. Haha! We're joking but I'm totally serious.' Kind of way. Like that. Haha. Get it?

2) I made my own avatar instead of using one of the default ones. That took time. Lots of time. Time I could have spent living my life. But instead I spent it here. Making an avatar. For you guys to maybe see.

3) I am handicapped. I have a severe illness that required my spine to be removed and replaced with a synthetic metal unit. This left me unable to walk for two months. Now I can walk, but just not during lightning storms (tehe!). I also have ADHD, so my mental handicap puts me at a par 4.

I just played the sympathy card. Bam. You know that makes you feel guilty.

4) I am a huge fan of Torchlight 1. I bought it on Steam and have logged over 300 hours into the game. My only complaint is that it didn't have multiplayer. And now it does. And I have been dying every time the game has been delayed. One day I might die. And I might never get to play Torchlight 2 before it launches. Do you want to be responsible for letting me not have that opportunity?

5) I am no longer a virgin, so I can not enjoy the splendors of life like I used to in ignorance. Please give this poor young college student an opportunity, to save his life! Save him from the liquid devil, the mary juana, and the pressures of his peers! Do you want to destroy this young man's life? If you don't give him a beta key to Torchlight 2, you might just do that :O

Pressure's on N4G. The choice is yours. Give it to some random sneering child (no offense everyone), or save someone's life. Give that beta key to me. Save the life of a young man. For his future. Who knows, maybe he'll use that key to cure cancer? I guess we'll have to see.

Balls in your court.
ProjectSiK  +   1242d ago
This man should win.
Harelgur  +   1241d ago
hendrawan  +   1238d ago
what if u just wait for the release?
everyone might die... EVERYONE! you might die today, so do i... but its percentage is lower than 0.000001%

So, u just need to wait and sit on ur lazy ***, for the release :D
blackpanther989  +   1242d ago
Ever since the first torchlight 1 my friends and I have all wished it had multiplayer and now it does with Torchlight 2 and we can't wait.
Cirran  +   1242d ago
Never played Torchlight 1 but very interested in this. Already pre purchased it on steam.
ProjectSiK  +   1242d ago
So, you pre-purchased Torchlight II on Steam and haven't played the first one, eh?

That's funny, considering you get the first one for free when you purchase Torchlight II.
Cirran  +   1242d ago
Hows it funny?_? Thats one of the reasons I prepurchased it. To play the first one. Haven't got round to it yet tho.
Jason143  +   1242d ago
high five
Rynocirator  +   1242d ago
I have been playing isometric action rpgs since baldur's gate and diablo 1 and it is my favorite genre, I own all the popular games like diablo, diablo 2, diablo 3 (bought the collector's edition), torchlight, titan quest, grim dawn (backed the kickstarter), and I plan on getting torchlight 2 and from the videos I've seen it vastly improves from the first game (which was close to perfect even with the absence of multiplayer) so I think I'm a good candidate because of my love of the genre
Azione  +   1242d ago
I have boobs, deal with it.
Leffernan  +   1242d ago
The first was AMAZING but short and was very linear. The second time around I am more hyped about this than Diablo 3, and that's only three days away! Multiplayer TLIGHT is going to be mental!
jakethesnake  +   1242d ago
This game will be epic.
SahFriendly  +   1242d ago
I always thought if Torchlight 1 had multi-player with at least one other person it would be the greatest rpg of all time, but dudes went and added 8 player coop. I'm so super jazzed about this game, the day it gets a release date I firmly believe I will buy two copies, and hound my friends until they purchase it as well regardless of whether or not I get this beta. Which I'd really like.
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Gily  +   1242d ago
Enjoyed the first game immensely, and always wanted to co-op with friends, now with T2 I finally can. Been waiting a long time for this.
Istoleyourcrayon  +   1242d ago
I need into this beta because I have been following the game since it was first announced and have also checked the runic forums almost every day for news. I love Runic. And I need Torchlight 2. Make an orphan happy (not really an orphan. Just take it into consideration)

Veni Vidi Vici  +   1242d ago
It'll give me something to play till Diablo 3.
jigsawhc  +   1242d ago
I'm headed out of town this weekend and I need some Beta loving to play on the plane flight!
krouse93  +   1242d ago
I need into the Beta because I loved the first Torchlight!
elrokos  +   1242d ago
Koros1691  +   1242d ago
Just recently heard about this game, but its now my ultimate all time favorite game. I pre-ordered on steam so I will have both eventually and they already have my money :)
squadass99  +   1242d ago
No guranteed access.. But I would like to compare torchlight to a random number generator, they both give cool things based off of random numbers. They get increasingly awesome (I think, torchlight does for sure not so sure about RNG but hey it might if you are into numbers).
Atriedes  +   1242d ago
I need into the Beta as a reward for getting my undergrad degree and finishing up finals this week!!
deletingthis34675334  +   1242d ago
I rather play this than Diablo III...
sharaku  +   1242d ago
I rly love this game, let me play. I want this more than d3 :(
Cobyhun  +   1242d ago
Torchlight gave me a feeling of freedom and endless gaming :) luvit
Hegemony  +   1242d ago
I really really really want to play it.
sparta2020  +   1242d ago
dude....i have an announcement, after playing the diablo 3 beta, torchlight2 is better. Plus i havent even played torchlight2 and find faith in the franchise. all I need is a beta to confirm to all the diablo 3 fanboys that this game rock and increase sales of a modestly priced game.
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Archanoth  +   1242d ago
I player over 100 hours of Torchlight and made a few mods for it, and I'm really looking forward to TL2, which is looking pretty amazing!
warhawk15  +   1242d ago
I want to pwn noobs.
izebecool  +   1242d ago
I loved Torchlight and I'm looking forward to Torchlight II!
ap0k41yp5  +   1242d ago
I played Torchlight 1, pre ordered Torchlight 2 on Steam. I'm a huge HnS fan, and used to beta testing (also beta testing of HnS games, like Path of Exile). I would really love to enter in the Torchlight 2 beta, to have a first look at the game, and help the devs improve it before release.
ShadowOfDeimos  +   1242d ago
For years I craved an RPG that was similar to the play style of DII. It wasn't until I stumbled upon Torchlight that my hopes were restored. I've had many hours filled with the new DIII and I'd love to compare and critique the similarities and differences between the two.
yifski  +   1242d ago
I have been watching so many TL2 streams and can't wait to play the game. It's awesome, and I wish I could play the beta so I could help make the game more awesome on release.
Robubie  +   1242d ago
I beat torchlight 1 on the pc and xbox 360, I think I deserve it....
jennaelf  +   1242d ago
I love Torchlight. I'm still playing the original despite having gone through it several times already. I have disowned Blizzard in favor of Runic Games as I feel that T2 will be FAR more fulfilling to my playstyle preferences than D3 (given how Blizzard has changed it).

Mmm, Torchlight 2.
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