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Kingdom Come  +   1138d ago
Whilst I'm very welcoming of others' opinions, I don't particular agree with many of your criticisms. Firstly, the games graphics both technically and artistically have withstands the test of time, still to this day evoking a sense of both grit and beauty, the sublime ferocity of the flames, the tremendous fluidity of the water physics, I could go on.

Secondly, in regards to your critique on the "repetitive" gameplay, this is entirely dependant on how much you put in to the overall experience of the game, yes, whilst you can unlock a select few plasmids and weapons and then progress through the entirety of the campaign, if you completely dispense judgment on each of the games Little Sisters, in turn increasing your ADAM count, you have the opportunity to purchase more items from Plasmid stores, incorporating more diversity in to the game, allowing for you to be more versatile throughout the duration of the game.

As for sound, I would state the voice acting to be brilliant, with the audio logs offering insight into the tragedy of Raptures fall, Dr Steinman's insane ramblings to Aphrodite, Ryan's aggressively passionate delivery of revelations/orders and Atlas' deceiving admiration are all examples of the phenomenal characteristics offered to the player throughout Bioshock's brilliant campaign. And the roaring of an angered Big Daddy can't truly be appreciated until the game is played on its hardest difficulty with vita chambers switched off.
Nate-Dog  +   1137d ago
I will concede your point on the voice-acting, I think I rather foolishly overlooked that point and I did enjoy listening to some of those, but I still hold my other criticisms. I didn't rush the game by any means (my desire to search every nook and cranny in games has made me suffer in titles like Fallout 3 but since this game is more linear it's easier to find everything) and did unlock all plasmids and the vast majority of upgrades, but I still found that apart from in one section it was pretty much the same thing, I never really needed to use that many of them.

By the way just to note to everyone, 7.5 isn't a "low" score from me, just an average one (I don't go by this idea that any above average game has to receive 9.0+ and anything under 8.0 is something that ought to be chucked in the fire).
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