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rawshack  +   1020d ago
good story
Blacktric  +   1019d ago
"There's a little dead pixel on the top of my DS Lite."

"And I decided to write an article about it, being the fantastic gaming journalist I am and as a "writer" for the most prestigious gaming website (/s), Kotaku."

Jason Schreier is a goddamn hack. Stop submitting stuff like this.

Oh and the article is filled with; "OH YEAH DS WAS A GOOD SYSTEM. MAN IT SURE WAS SOMETHING" in every paragraph with outdated images and self shots of Schreier's crap collection so don't bother giving them hits.
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dedicatedtogamers  +   1019d ago
Indeed. Next up...

"Kotaku: is it morally wrong that I got rid of my DS due to a dead pixel?"
Blacktric  +   1019d ago
"How I contributed to patriarchy and rape culture by giving my semi-working DS to a homeless man."

Potential Patricia Hernandez article, right there.

Edit: "Why in the Sam Hill would we only submit articles by YOUR defined standard?"

I'm guessing you have reading comprehension problems along with very low standards considering you are trying to push the "be open minded" BS regarding a Kotaku article that's about a guy getting sad over seeing a dead pixel on the screen of his old DS that he never used for years... which then, he used as a gateway to give outdated and irrelevant information about the history of DS.

Oh and if you are trying to defend Kotaku and their practices on N4G, you are in the wrong place.

Edit 2:

"Because when it comes to this website I probably have a better idea than you do. What with me being here since 2008 and all."

This is you;

"Joined 04 Jul 2010 (1026d ago )"

This is me;

"Joined 03 Oct 2008 (1665d ago )"

But you just keep using your typical strawman BS. I'm sure it'll get you somewhere.
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Count  +   1019d ago
I don't think you can tell me I'm in the wrong place. Because when it comes to this website I probably have a better idea than you do. What with me being here since 2008 and all.

I never told you to be open minded. I don't care whether you're open minded or not. But it's ridiculous to expect people to submit articles based on your standard. It's ridiculous and it's not going to happen.

I don't think you should be criticising my intelligence when you're the one with this foolish idea that you can actually influence anything on this website.

I am not defending Kotaku although unlike you and the rest of the Pony bandwagon. I don't really care. I don't really care about Kotaku. I don't have a personal vendetta against them. Because if I did, I'd have a personal vendetta against you too. And that would be silly.
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Count  +   1019d ago
The reality of this website is that shittier articles are submitted and approved all the time. With a lot of us eating that shit up like hamburgers. N4G is a cesspit of crappy articles or haven't you realised? If you want a website with ''GOOD'' articles then boy, you're at the wrong place.
STK026  +   1019d ago
To be fair dedicatedtogamers, the author did not get rid of his DS lite because of the dead pixel, as his DS already had it when he bought it. The author of the article is simply making a retrospective about the DS and which games he enjoyed the most. The reason he's saying farewell to the DS, is because he hasn't used it in about 2 years, basically ever since he bought a 3DS.

While I know that kotaku has published plenty of crap over the years, I don't think this article is any worse than the 'top 10 "insert console of your choosing" ever' or 'why "platform your choice" is the best ever' articles we see popping every now and then on N4G.
Count  +   1019d ago
Why in the Sam Hill would we only submit articles by YOUR defined standard? That's like impossible to please.

''oh hey, I don't like this guy. and I don't like this website. so don't submit it'

uhh.. No
mamotte  +   1019d ago
Nintendo DSi XL = $142.99. I dont see the problem here.

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