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Devils Fourth

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Or I could buy the PS5 disc version for cheaper at a retailer because I don't live in the USA where you standardise prices like fucking morons.

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Jesus christ people, All Xbox Series S/X Games except for those that are 100% Exclusive to next gen are XBOX ONE GAMES on the disc.

This has been a thing for months now....

It's not UBISOFT, this is what happens when you market Smart delivery.

Jesus christ.

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No Shit Sherlock.

Are you people only just realising that Xbox Series S/X games ARE NOT PRINTED ON THE DISC.

This is an XBOX ONE GAME that upgrades.

Smart Delivery made physical media redundant, you can't even install fully offline as an Xbox One game as it will force a mandatory update which makes pretty much all Xbox Series S/X physical media for media preservation useless, except for a very small handful of Series S/X only games....

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Except it does.

Gamepass literally affects game design from the start,

Games are being made to be service led, online only microtrassaction generators.

Games are made to be longer, microupdated instead of getting proper sequels we will just get seasons and content drops.

It alienates new players joining old games because it becomes overwhelming with mechanics/content.

games are made to be grindfests...

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of course you can, always find it amusing how American pricing is so strict though, in my country PS5 games regularly sell for $40-$50 USD instead (and we have tax included because we aren't psychos)

for me I still buy the PS5 version regardless as I want it for media preservation.

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Thats correct however they have the stupid idea with Modern Warfare 2019 and Cold War that Warzone is a MANDATORY install with them, you can not uninstall it.

this is why they are so large also.

Yes it's retarded

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They aren't wrong. Yes there are a ton of single player games, but a lot of games are pushing the live service online only crap.

look at Ghost Recon Breakpoint - online only, the rest of the series has had full offline single player support
look at Back 4 Blood - Left 4 Dead 1/2 and Earthfall all support offline play, Back 4 Blood does not.

More and more online only DRM.

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It's not just about connectivity though, if the game ain't making money, the servers aren't going to live. which measn bye bye game.

Online only DRM can suck it

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and therein lies the problem.

SOLO with AI teammates is NOT OFFLINE.

people and press included need to stop assuming this, OFFLINE means OFFLINE disconnected from any an all internet. Turtle Rock confirmed, an internet connection is required at all times, even playing solo.

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Because the stuido closed down.

Go buy Dirt 5, its made by many of the old devs from evolution.

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It also supports online only DRM....

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Yes, however the point he was making was the same point I made on Twitter with @doesitplay1

Xbox One games require a mandatory update to work on the Series X, you CAN NOT install them offline.


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Yes of course it will, you aren't getting an Xbox Series S/X optimised version though (yet) although they haven't announced any plans for an update/patch for this or if it will even happen, you will just be running the Xbox One version on backwards compatibility, although It'll benefit from the enhanced Series X performance anyway (faster load times on SSD etc)

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For anyone who thinks this isn't real it is, confirmed by dev.


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It's confirmed.


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It's got nothing to do with the Bethesda buyout or Gamepass.

Limited Run pretty much never does XBOX versions, why? because Microsoft demands a significantly higher minimum cap for production runs.

Sony and Nintendo allow a lower minimum cap, thus Limited Run can actually afford to buy/print these 'limited runs'

protip: It's not hard to talk to the staff at limited run

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I second this, Fantastic game made by an amazing indie studio, runs like butter too smooth as.

Riptide GP2 and GP Renegade are amazing games, also offer 4 player split-screen (6 player on Xbox One)

Made by the same team that made Hydro Thunder Hurricane.

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If people are wondering why...

This is what happens when you push smart delivery and supporting Xbox One with many games.

All the new games coming out will have rebranded cases saying Xbox, not Xbox One or Xbox series X.

For the first couple of years you will find that there I any Xbox series X games because they will all be Xbox One copies that have mandatory updates and 'upgrade via smart Delivery'

You will ...

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