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This is N4G, therefore the correct answer is Horizon: Zero Dawn. The vast majority on this site will prefer the Sony exclusive over the Nintendo exclusive. I never played Horizon, so I can't formulate an informed opinion on the matter.

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It is.

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Yes, obviously.

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@MasterCornholio Yeah, but just because PS4 is selling, doesn't mean a PS5 isn't being made to replace it. Developers are always making next-generation systems. That's the thing people need to get through their heads.

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It's because this is how people are reacting to the NX. Lol.

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"They're making another system? Oh my god. Not getting a PS4 anymore. They just don't believe in the PS4 anymore.... It's just better to wait for the PS5..."

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It's not. But it outputs at 1080p which implies upscaling.

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Yes, yes, Polygon. Honest mistake!

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I hope Splatoon sells well despite these drawbacks. Mario Kart 8 certainly sold well after Kotaku said it wouldn't.

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Nice excuse, 10/10.

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They're too "kiddy" though. People "grew" out of them.

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I really wish people would stop talking saviors. We're already like halfway through Wii U's lifespans. Accept Wii U for what it is and focus on the games. Those are what we should focus on anyway as gamers.

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The Console War is basically the race to have the highest amount of console sales by the end of the generation.

The gap between sales for 8th generation systems is already considerably big.

In terms of sales: PS4 > XBO > Wii U


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I agree with this article that in this day and age, high impact marketing matters way more than exclusives. PS4 is not that good at all when it comes to exclusives, but it's the system that everyone says is cool to play, and it has the CoD, the Assassin's Creed, and the hype. Sony obviously put a lot of thought into the PS4 and it has paid off for them big time. Kudos to Sony.

I'll eventually get PS4 for KH3 and perhaps Bloodborne maybe?

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Several of those are on PS3 and/or PC. Not exclusive.

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Mobile is is a new low imo. I feel like the industrys pressure on Nintendo and ignorance of their quality games forced Nintendo to take this route. But with the NX, we don't even know what it is. It could be a handheld, a console, or a fusion of both. No need to jump to conclusions considering we're over a year from it even being revealed.

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Hey, this is a weird time after all. There was a crazy earthshaking reaction when PS4 was announced to play used games.

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I bought and loved this game but this right here is a waste lol.

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Nintendo may have lost the sales race but they still make really great unique games, and that's all they really need.

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Uh, this type of game would be impossible WITHOUT the Gamepad...

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