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Real Time Hair and Cloth and Physically Based Materials

and, for the first time, gameplay !

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Seriously GW ! Take care of your goddamn IP's ! They need to realize that they will soon be unable to milk their customers with the sales of overpriced figurines (hello 3D printers). Hopefully, the upcoming Warhammer game from The Creative Assembly will be great !

In recent years, we've only had the Dawn of War series as really great games. Space Marine was allright.

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Being a fan of both SP and Obsidian, I was a bit afraid that the mix would not live up to my expectations, but the game is everything I wanted !

Well done, Obsidian !

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Finally a new MediEvil !

I want to believe

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I don't know who designed these characters, but comments in this thread do at least prove that people on N4G are indeed teenage boys or, much problematic, adults with teenage boys maturity.

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I think it's a MOBA

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Indeed, if the sampling is done correctly, 1000 is large enough to give a good idea of the current audience perspective with a relatively small margin of error. And the fact that the PS4 is selling millions has nothing to do with it.

No, if there is a problem with such survey, it is certainly not the sample's size, it is the fact that many people will change their mind in the coming months and years depending on games and services available on the consoles, and on the lar...

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the dude in the video also says that one of the best feature of the console is the ability to link your PSN and Facebook accounts... Jeeze, this has to be the less interesting stuff in the PS4 ! All it will do is create useless flood

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probably my most wanted game right now

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If Valve ever decides to make Half Life 3, I think they should consider doing something smaller first, like an "HL2 episode 3". That would let people get used to the franchise once more and it would damper crazy expectations we usually see when a game takes a decade to be made.

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If someone really stole that picture, it is really not cool

though it might be the start of some weird ARG from Valve

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Come on, make it happen Ubi !

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This would actually make me consider buying a Vita...

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great stuff ! An awesome game with pieces of DLC that do not rip off the consumer (rare enough to be emphasized)

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I clearly prefered New Vegas to Fallout 3 but I want to see Obsidian working on its own projects so I'm fine if they are not involved with another game in the Fallout series (as long as they have other games in the works of course)

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too bad it's only for iOS, I'd have bought it for my PC or Android device as I used to play the tabletop game

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Red dead redemption for me too

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100 millions doesn't sound like this much... well, it depends on what they'll do exactly but it's not uncommon for consumer electronic corporations to spend huge amounts in marketing

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those losers at squeenix refuse to face the truth : they've lost tons of money on a turd like FF14, but it's less "shameful" to set crazy sales targets on their western games and blame them when they fail to reach these.

I wish Eidos did not belong to these idiots.

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In my opinion, the "Duke Nukem cliché" is not the same stereotype applied to men, because being a muscular badass is mainly a male fantasy (even though it may offend you, it is clearly made to please men and not women), exactly as is the damsel in distress.

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