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Says the Sony troll in a Kinect article

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I'm going to wait untill NGP hits the bargin bin which wont be long when it goes up against 3DS. Then I can pick it up cheaper than a PSP after it fails.

NGP from $299 to $2.99

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I'm sure glad MS didn't copy the Wii like cough Move cough.

Kinect = pew pew pew
Move = fail fail fail

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How is it my comment gets removed for trolling for talking about MS "supposedly" writing checks while EpsilonTeam comment gets to stay for talking about the same thing?

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What is swned? You're one of those nieve people who believe everything on N4G fanboy blog post is true. Do you remember when Sony used their money to push Sega out? Of course your side has a selective memory when it comes to things like that. Uh oh... there goes one of my bubbles for telling the truth.

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LG is the third-largest TV makers (read the article) so stop playing the stupid card by pretending you don't know who thay are.

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Good news. Whats with the disagrees?

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I love how PS3 fanboys think MS writes checks at every turn but "Sony" would never ever do anything like that. Even though From Software has been making both Xbox exclusives and PS3 exclusives from day one.

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What a stupid comment

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Dirty Beaver you played the open beta and the reviewers have played the full game. Guess which one is in a better position to review the game? How can you say it's a "masterpiece" when you havn't played the whole game?

So the game hasn't scored as high as you wished, get the f**k over it.

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OPSM and OXM are worthless when it comes to reviewing exclusives.

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Get in there N4G, stop fighting for a while and band up so we can get this map.

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How many SOCOM games are there? last count was like 12 now thats franchise rape.

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ironmonkey it helps to actually click the links and watch the "gameplay" video

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You should at least send the trolls a bottle of asprin before you cause that much pain. Just out of courtesy for your fellow man because the truth can hurt real bad somtimes. It's bad enough that the trolls have sweaty palms and nervous turrets syndrome over this game. It makes it worse when you kick em in the nuts with video. LOL notice how they didn't even respond to your post? That's because they can't.

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Walmart is having a sale on glasses and contact lenses.

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Did you finally remember the password to your dup? "average looking" is that it? other trolls have done a far better job at trolling than you. You could have at least trolled like the others by saying "bullshots" or somthing along that line. The funniest part is your simple comment "average looking" is just oozing with fear.

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How can Sony surpass when they are still behind Live in unique users and features?

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You were saying?

360 http://www.vgchartz.com/wor...

PS3 http://www.vgchartz.com/wor...

Take note of the RPG&#...

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