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I don't know, maybe people are just buying their new games elsewhere since Gamestop pre-opens them?

Last time I checked, an opened game isn't a "new" one.

Gamestop is selling games Used+...

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I some how doubt that this is real.

It's looks phenomenal, but given how short the videos are, it might be covering up the lack of polish.

Some one easily could have drummed up what's seen here in Unreal 4.

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"except it is snake. Solid snake was a clone of Big Boss, which is in the next one. :) "

Technically, not really. Snake is the badass we all fell in love with in MGS1, not the guy he was cloned from.

But hey, I'm satisfied. At least we got MGS4.

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I've always seen Solid Snake as central to the brand of Playstation.

His character and MGS as a whole is one of the things that got me taking video games seriously as a story telling medium and one of the core reasons I'm still a gamer to this day.

It's a damn shame though we only really got to play him in 2 out of 5 of the 3D Metal Gear games.

I mean what other franchise introduces such a great character and doesn't even have...

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But the Xbox One is dead in Japan and always will be. Not even a master like Hideo Kojima could save it.

And besides, MGS gets most of it's sales in the west anyway, so if anything, it would increase the Xbone's numbers to 4 sold a week in Japan rather than just 3 a week.

Wouldn't be worth it for either party.

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Greenberg has to be the biggest assclowns in the industry with the BS that spews from his mouth.

Talk about a guy who needs to STFU...>_<

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You're not faking me out on this again Sony...

I'll believe it when I see it.

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Who the hell wants a 2nd hand Ps4 off ebay though.

I'd rather have one fresh off the shelf with a new game.

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Because if the one doesn't sell well enough, there probably won't be another one.

Microsoft execs has been wanting to ax the Xbox for years now for example.

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Because it's the better system? It's not like it's the first time either.

Every PlayStation system has outsold Xbox.

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They probably know but just don't want to spill the beans on the Xbone version being inferior.

M$ probably paid them to keep quiet.:p

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Not to be "that guy", but I'll believe it when it's revealed. We've had this hyped one to many times to get truly excited about it.

It could just be for the PS Store.

If it includes playability of PS2 and PS1 discs however, this could be a game changer.

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Aces up their sleeve = money hatting.

Man I can't wait until MS gets out of the industry. Their the worst.

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"This is really great to see. I am so glad that the console gaming is alive and well."

Yep, and consoles will be over taken by smartphones and tablets they said...People are so clueless.

Gamers were clearly just waiting for new hardware, and with the PS4 being the best of the two systems, they're selling like hotcakes.

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Apparently the guys at wemissedtheexit aren't too creative in creating headlines...

Edit:lol, didn't even realize you might be the writer.

Seriously, come up with better headlines.

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Eh, if the Xbox fails, it'll just open the door for a new player in the video game market. It's really no big deal.

As long as Sony doesn't get full of them selves like Apple did, the industry will be fine.

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Console war? What console war? This thing is FINISHED.

I knew it from the start.

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Please don't be Syphon Filter...

Shooters are getting old and that would have been better for last gen.

My bet is maybe Crash or Jak 4.

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They're denying it so I guess we know it's true.

They'd seriously be better off just keeping their mouths shut on this one. It does them no good.

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Oh, now I see.

Most of your disagrees probably are coming because it appears you're are disbelieving the fact that the Xbone is being out sold rather than correcting the original article.

You probably should have stated that in your later post.

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