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Submitted by KGutche 640d ago | opinion piece

Microsoft’s Million Dollar Mistake

Is Microsoft releasing Titanfall on both the Xbox 360 and One a huge mistake? (PC, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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zeronhero  +   640d ago
is ms making money a mistake?

Illionaire   640d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
mrpsychoticstalker  +   640d ago
Is not a mistake, they are thinking for the future.
Visiblemarc  +   640d ago
Short game thinking. MS has to start converting some 360 owners into xb1 owners . Even if it's at the expense of short term game sales.

The thing is that they've already largely abandoned 360 already and this was surely part of the EA deal. Otherwise the sales numbers would have been too small for EA to grant exclusivity.

It was sort of a catch 22 though, because in order to snag a perceived system seller, they had to remove an essential part of what would have made it a system seller.
DeadMansHand  +   640d ago
I suspect they are being more crafty that you give them credit for. Current 360 only owners are spending money in the MS ecosystem. It's no secret that a lot of this gen adopters are opting for the PS4. There have been a lot of converts in those numbers. The XONE has not lived up to the hype for a lot of people so I think MS would rather keep their current customers on the 360 and spending money then getting them thinking about a new system and risk losing them to Sony. Now, once the kinks are ironed out (if that's even possible) and they feel they are on even footing with the PS4 then they will start pushing it. Problem is, I don't think they ever will be. Raw power aside, once PlayNow drops and PS4 Plus starts getting more games I feel Sony will dominate this gen
Eonjay  +   640d ago

I get your theory, but disagree because of the as yet completely MIA 360 version of Titanfall. I mean there have actually succeeded in showing no footage whatsoever with less than a month to go. That has never been done.

We see MLB 2014 PS3 vs PS4 visuals. Same with Metal Gear. But what EA has done with Titanfall 360 is new and someone needs to call Microsoft out on it. 360 owners need to call them out.

In reference to the money issue, its hard to say because there are so many different conflicting interests. EA may have let Microsoft suppress TF360 (#ProveItExists) but they wouldn't allow it for PC as it netted them a huge increase in Origin membership. Yes, EA needs 360 more than Microsoft does because only 360 can help recover the lost PS4 sales. So its difficult to say because everyone has their own motives.
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styferion  +   640d ago
it depends on their goal,
Is it to make as much money as possible? then it's no mistake.
Is it to boost XB1 sales? It's a mistake then just like my case, because I already have many friends on X360 and the console price is too high to justify playing only 1 game.
Worse yet if there's no crossplay between 360 and XB1, me and my 360 friends would corner my XB1 friends in some dark alleyways and force them to buy the 360 version.
showtimefolks  +   640d ago
ms have made mistakes after mistakes, funny thing is how everyone expected MS to kick sony's ass and they mess up as badly as they did

sony had this big head after PS2 and now MS after the success of xbox 360
CERN  +   640d ago
This isn't a Microsofts game, it's Respawn Entertainments game. They already took a gamble by not going multi-platform, there not going to reduce there market by going Xboxone only.
Picnic  +   639d ago
How is releasing a battle game that is not particularly niche on Xbox360, Xbox One and PC a 'gamble'?

For the sake of support from Microsoft as an 'exclusive to Microsoft' franchise it was probably well worth Respawn's while not releasing it on PS4.

It was in Repsawn's interests to get as many 'Microsoft platform' people playing their game as soon as possible.

It's not necessarily in Microsoft's interests that it wasn't kept an exclusively Xbox One game.
CERN  +   639d ago
What you say is true, but remember Microsoft is not publishing this game, nor are they developing it. Respawn Entertainment have chosen not develop for the PS4 from the start because they and many others in the industry have predicted that the xbox one would lead this generation and didn't thing it was necessary to to develop it for the ps4 as it would mean more time and money. Remember Respawn Entertainment is a fairly new company and they need this game to do well for them to succeed. And at that time Microsoft proposal was to good to pass.

If they new the ps4 was going to be this popular, they would of kept it multi platform from The start. So the reason why there not going to release it on XBOXONE only is because, 1) Microsoft does not have the power to decide which console to release the game, unless they flash some more money. 2) Respawn Entertainment are not going to risk only releasing it on a brand new console that's only been out for 5months or so not knowing how well it's going to do.

The good thing is, Respawn Entertainment have said there's a good chance they will make Titan fall 2 for PS4 as we'll. Unless Microsoft buys the whole franchise that is.
Picnic  +   639d ago
Your post is not, in itself necessarily wrong. But it's a deliberately blinkered way of looking at it.

Ways that that having an Xbox360 version could be harmful:

People who would have bought an Xbox One for Titanfall now don't need to.
They could possibly just get Titanfall on PC or Xbox360- and buy a PS4 for all their other next gen games instead.

Also, the fact that there is an Xbox360 version at all doesn't promote Titanfall as a particularly 'next-gen' game, graphically or mechanically. It gives the impression that the Xbox One version must be like a slightly souped up Xbox360 game really.

Given the current general pro-PS4 sway in popular opinion, it is not very useful to MS to give people a reason why they don't need to buy an Xbox One.
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HaveAsandwich  +   639d ago
its a risky bet. had they made it xb1 only, it could have caused even more of an uproar, and turned off even more people.
iamnsuperman  +   640d ago
It doesn't really mater for Microsoft (except they can't push more Ones) since they get profits from both game sales. But I don't think they had a choose. The spent a fortune (no denying that but we just don't know how much they spent) getting "exclusive" Titanfall (with PC). Having it just on the Xbox One would require even more money (since they would need to offset the potential loss EA would have if it just release on a new small install base system)
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Insomnia_84  +   640d ago
But how much did they pay for the exclusivity?? I find it really stupid to be paying for timed exclusivity.
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iamnsuperman  +   640d ago
We just do not know and we will probably never know. Most likely a lot (tens of millions has been talked about and it seems Microsoft has been the one doing the marketing push so add that onto the purchase price) but this is nothing compared to the size they will have to pay for exclusivity of Titanfall 2 (since EA predictions seems to have backfired).
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Insomnia_84  +   640d ago
If they paid $50 million just for a couple of timed exclusive dlc episodes of GTAIV..

How much are they paying for timed exclusivity for a "full"(is it a full game with no campaign for $60?) game?? How much did they pay for Bioshock, Lost Planet, Dead Rising, Mass Effect, and any other game that was "exclusive" before???? I seriously don't understand why they don't put that money into REAL exclusives. How much did they pay for Gears Of War exclusivity and how much did they buy the franchise for now after paying for exclusivity through the whole 360 gen???

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Malice-Flare  +   640d ago
how much? i hope its enough to cover those among the 80 million PS3s who would have bought it, and not just those who would have on PS4...

considering that MS is now just giving it away in a bundle for XB1...
Aces17  +   640d ago
It's not a timed exclusive.
djplonker  +   640d ago
And its not exclusive.
loulou  +   640d ago
its a new franchise so i doubt it cost fortune.

the sequel though..... that will be expensive
Godmars290  +   640d ago
One, seems like MS has a bad habit of doing long term investments for short term goals.

Second, MS isn't the only party with a finger in the potential Titanfall pie. Just as MS likely paid them to make the new IP semi-exclusive to their brand, EA still wants to see a general rather than fixed profit said payoff overall represents. Which is why the game is on PC, and probably why any sequels might show up on the PS4.

Nevermind they haven't really said anything about DLC. Just newer and more controversial microtransactions.
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MousenJoypad  +   640d ago
Respawn have pretty much said that Titanfall will not have DLC as they did not want to go down that route, and it's true that Microsoft is finding it hard to shift Xbox Ones, but the recent figures have shown that Sony are now shifting less PS4's than Microsoft at the moment. Sony is also having major problems shifting the games on the platform. I just think that people don't have the cash to trade up to the new consoles, and that both were released in a tough financial market.
iamnsuperman  +   640d ago
I was with you for the first half but what are you talking about here

"but the recent figures have shown that Sony are now shifting less PS4's than Microsoft at the moment. Sony is also having major problems shifting the games on the platform. I just think that people don't have the cash to trade up to the new consoles, and that both were released in a tough financial market."

Sony is having problems meeting demand not being unable to shift units or game sales. Where did that come from?
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awesomeisjayell  +   639d ago
um the x1 software sales are beating the PS4 in software sales by a million and some change in US. Go look it up everyone knows that PS4 hardly have any good games to play atm.
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iamnsuperman  +   639d ago

What? I think 12 million software for 5ish million units is amazing. So does what you say prove MousenJoypad right? He says Sony is struggling to shift software. Does what you say add anything to that? No

PS4(US)5.64 (Europe)5.16 (Japan)0.53 (Other)1.11 (Total)12.44
XOne (US)6.23 (Europe)2.55 (Japan)0.00 (Other)0.57 (Total)9.35
(sadly VG chartz is the only source for this)
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stuna1  +   640d ago
Durp!!! To the second part of your comment. The PS4 has a consistent sales gap over the Xbox1, has had that sales ratio since both have released even though being console constrained. Exactly where have you been the last couple of months?
BitbyDeath  +   640d ago
You gotta be trolling? When you add together the recent sales of the 360 + Xbone it still doesn't come close to PS4 sales, let alone PS4 & PS3 sales.
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MysticStrummer  +   640d ago
"recent figures have shown that Sony are now shifting less PS4's than Microsoft at the moment"

That's happening at no moment, nowhere.

XB1 isn't winning in a single place where both consoles are available. All totals... overall, monthly, weekly... show PS4 outselling XB1 by at least 2:1 and as much as 5:1 in some places.

Recent figures have shown PS3 is outselling XB1.
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BitbyDeath  +   640d ago
In fact we know Sony are selling over a million PS4's each month, last month MS sold 145k on the NPD when you add in the rest of the world they would have sold a maximum of 250k worldwide, likely closer to 200k.

So worldwide, PS4 may actually be outselling Xbone by just under or just over 1 million consoles in the month of Jan.

Now imagine what Feb will be like with the extra 350k boost (Japan).

EDIT: Just remembered Sony advertised they jumped from 4.2 million EOY to 5.3 in Feb. So just under.
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mhunterjr  +   640d ago
Something like 90% of last gen gamers have yet to upgrade. The amount of money it would have cost to convince EA to skip PS4, PS3, PC, and 360 in favor of a system that has a sub 5mil install base would have been astronomical. Even if that made Titan Fall sell a few more xb1's, the return wouldn't have justified the size of the investment.

Doing it this way will sell a few xb1's, give current 360 owners a reason to hold off on switching to Sony, and make EA and Microsoft a lot of money. Clearly this was the best way to go about it...
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n4gamingm  +   640d ago
First thing I thought off when I read this, why is it a bad decisions with over 80mill 360 and added in the PC. Assure that no matter how many unit it sells on 360 or Xbox one its money for each, respawn, and microsoft
Brettman2008  +   640d ago

Don't think Titanfall 2 would be released until 2016 at the earliest so PS4 install base should be well over 20 million, probably closer to 40 million.
admiralvic  +   640d ago
Exactly this.

Though I would add in the franchise potential of this game. If it takes off and becomes successful like M$ wants, then TitanFall 2 might be a strong system seller. It would have that "oh, I got to upgrade to play this" thing going for it and it's clear M$ is thinking long term with TF.
mhunterjr  +   640d ago
I'm sure MS would like this to be a long term franchise deal, but I'm not sure if they can pull it off. Remember what happend with Mass Effect.

MS had to pay EA to make up for the lack of ps3 and ps4 versions. The the cost of skipping PS4, I'm sure, was relatively small this time because the installed base(while impressive) is currently a drop in the bucket compared to the PS3. By the time TitanFall 2 comes around, the PS4's installed base could be around 20mil. It would cost ALOT more money for MS to get another exclusive deal done, especially if TF1 performs well.

Think of it like trying to re-sign a free agent after he had an MVP season. We'll see... money talks after all... and MS has no 'salary cap' :)
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admiralvic  +   640d ago
@ Mhunterjr

I don't doubt that, but multiplayer games you tend to want to play with friends and people on the Xbox will know what it is like, unlike PlayStation gamers who don't play or perhaps even own an Xbox. So in a way it's creating a sense of loyalty, similar to how a lot of people continued playing Mass Effect on the Xbox because of character transfers.
mhunterjr  +   640d ago
Ok I see what you're saying. Even if Titan fall goes to other consoles, folks might associate it with Xbox, the same way mass effect sales leaned towards Xbox and final fantasy leaned towards ps3... I could see that being true.
Watari321  +   640d ago
lol MS should pay EA to put Titanfall on PS4. lol
TheRedButterfly  +   640d ago
We don't know the ins-and-outs of EA/Microsoft's agreement. I think it's more logical to assume that a 360 release is the only thing that green-lit the exclusivity deal in the first place.
theDECAY  +   640d ago
Is the person who wrote this article English speaking?
Hicken  +   640d ago
Does the person who wrote this article speak English?
theDECAY  +   640d ago
English. Person. Speaking. Doge.
pandehz  +   640d ago
Personally I'm glad its supporting Xbox 360 and Xone gamers.

Its important to support your older gen devices as much as realistically possible.

PS3 should also receive similar support. There are many who dont have the money or are a bit young or etc etc etc life stuff etc etc and havent moved onto next gen gaming yet.

Its a win win for MS actually. They can make other games for Xone only. For now supporting its largest base and its new base at the same time is a very good move actually.

If I owned an X360 and was saving money to buy a good Led and Xone combo then for now I would like good game support on my X360.

Well thats just my opinion.
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zeuanimals  +   639d ago
The PS3 is still getting a ton of support. One of the biggest games in years is being released on the PS3 and nowhere else (as of yet), Persona 5.
Tedakin  +   640d ago
I think we need to see both versions of Titanfall before we start saying just keep the 360 or whatever. People seem to forget we haven't seen a single screenshot. It may, or may not, be a far inferior version.
d4sholil1  +   640d ago
Just viewed the commercial for this game and it looks great from that point of view. My question is why does microsoft call Titanfall an "APP"?
BlackPrince 42  +   640d ago
It wasn't a mistake, and it probably wasn't MS's decision.

EA was willing to go along with MS exclusivity for a pile of cash (especially since they thought MS would dominate next gen), but no way would they limit their customer base to just one brand new console when there are millions more potential consumers on PC and 360.
MisterFantastic  +   640d ago
What do you expect from a company dumb enough to make an over priced console that can only dish out 720p?
corvusmd  +   640d ago
No, it's not a mistake, most gamers are pre-ordering it on XB1, and the XB1 Titanfall consoles are selling even if someone decides to play it on 360...they get hooked into the franchise and then have another reason to want to make the jump to XB1. No matter what, MS is making money on the deal no matter which no matter how you slice, not a bad idea.
reko  +   640d ago

post a link then.
Bzone24  +   639d ago

Titanfall Xbox One - #6
Xbox One Titanfall bundle - #9
Titanfall Xbox 360 - #70
Bzone24  +   639d ago
Umm, What does the ps4 infamous bundle have to do with the Titanfall? Oh, you are trolling.
urwifeminder  +   640d ago
Hope they make more and more of these mistakes then great month for xbox gamers all round.
WeAreLegion  +   640d ago
Great month for all gamers.
urwifeminder  +   640d ago
I wouldn't know to tell you the truth only tend to follow what I own pc and xbox but that is good news.
WeAreLegion  +   639d ago
Yes, you would. Drop the passive crap. You're on N4G. You are fully aware of what is coming out for other platforms.
urwifeminder  +   639d ago
I told you I don't go on any other page but pc and xb1 have no idea about ps4 , only way I know about some games is fans sending me uber lists as far as being passive maybe we should meet it may change your mind peace my gaming brother.
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No_Limit  +   640d ago
Doesn't matter, got this game reserve on March 11th on XB1. Just like COD and Battlefield were on PC as well, the console versions wasn't hurt by it and it sold millions upon millions on PS3/X360. Now with a highly anticipated FPS since COD Modern Warfare 1, and it is only made available on 1 next gen console, it will move many XB1 for people looking to play a next gen console version of the game and by the looks of the pre orders and interest in the XB1 bundle, I think MS knows what they are doing.
Hicken  +   640d ago
Keep dreaming. Both the other franchises you mention are very well established, and Battlefield, at least, has a thriving PC community and always has. In either case, Titanfall can be compared to neither one.
DJ  +   640d ago
I have to disagree with you because Call of Duty is only popular due to the 4th installment in the series, Modern Warfare. Titanfall is unproven, and riding completely on hype and aggressive advertising.

It's tough for me to pre-order anything that looks potentially disappointing. Some beta testers liked it, but some also seemed disappointed by the Titans themselves, which are supposed to be rewards in the game.
gamernova  +   640d ago
I don't know why MS is being criticized for supporting their previous Gen console. What if Sony made games for ps4 and ps3? Just like the one, ps4 will be the best experience for that brand exclusive. Whoever wants the best console experience, they'll get it for the one. That simple. No one ever buys a console for a single game. By that logic, there should be no TLOU for ps4 since it will hurt ps3 sales lol ridiculous.
admiralvic  +   640d ago
"don't know why MS is being criticized for supporting their previous Gen console."

From my understanding it's because TitanFall is generally considered something of a system seller / game changer / whatever you want to call it, even though its support of previous generations will (without a shadow of doubt) impact its ability to move systems.

"What if Sony made games for ps4 and ps3? "

Depends the situation. I believe a lot of the parallels are coming from inFAMOUS Second Son also releasing in March. If you want to play inFAMOUS, then you need a PlayStation 4, so it creates a need (if you care about it). The same can't be said of Titanfall, since the need only exists, as you said, if you care about getting the "best" experience.

"No one ever buys a console for a single game."

This is true, but simply because people generally have a rationale beyond the single game in question. However, adding awesome exclusives makes the system sound more inciting (see the Wii U) than releasing multiple multi platform titles. Like I mentioned before, inFAMOUS will no doubt be part of many peoples deciding factors, but very few people will repurchase Titanfall for the enhanced value (unless there is an upgrade program) and or wait until they have a reason to buy an Xbox One to pick up the game.

"By that logic, there should be no TLOU for ps4 since it will hurt ps3 sales lol ridiculous."

Apples / oranges.
DJustinUNCHAIND  +   640d ago
You all realize that the Xbox One version is absolutely smoking the other 2 editions right?

It's not even close.
FITgamer  +   639d ago
If you are talking about pre-orders it's probably because there isn't a lot to play on Xbox One at the moment, also unless you trying to get your hands the collectors edition there is really no incentive to pre-order this game, especially for PC gamers.
#18.1 (Edited 639d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Jamesx82x  +   640d ago
I agree with the article on this one. I plan on getting Titanfall on my Xbox One on launch day and I cant help but wonder why they are even releasing it on the 360. Everyone knows that when systems first come out your not going to sell a lot of games because the userbase is so small. When you have a game that is highly anticipated as is the case with Titanfall warranted or not its going to move systems and thats what consoles need early on are games that are system sellers.

Sony on the other hand has played it very smart. Sure Infamous is not an overly popular franchise, but I think its popular enough to move a good amount of PS4's. If it was on PS3 as well then there would be no need to get a PS4 yet.

My book MS screwed up grabbing this game as an exclusive and then releasing it on the 360 and Xbox One. Missed out on a potential system seller and while it will still sell Xbox One's it wont sell as many as it could have.
aondaatje   640d ago | Offensive
DJ  +   640d ago
I found some real players' impressions about the game. Interesting read:

I think Microsoft made the right decision. They need to capitalize off of the Xbox 360's large install base. The reality is that people who want an Xbox One are going to get it regardless of whether one game is on both XBO or XB360.
5eriously  +   640d ago
Rather a multi $Billion mistake by making a deal with EA and exclude all the PS4 owners. Numbers do not lie and we will be able to calculate the losses in a few months. Someone must rue the decision for sure like the investors, the creators and surely EA.
Bobertt  +   640d ago
I think Microsoft wants this game to be their next big franchise but if its only on Xbox one it won't develop enough fans to make it as big as they want it to be. Also it would probably be a lesser version on the 360 so some 360 owners who plan to get a xbox 1 would probably wait to get the better version.
ramiuk1  +   640d ago
has it been leaked what they paid yet for exclusive rights?
i think they paid about £30m for DLC rights so the cost of this is crazy i expect.
then they give it away free with consoles,surely desperate.

i have a ps4 which i love but wanted titanfall and quantum break.

xbone is £369 in uk with titanfall( £70 less with there system seller)

i think waiting will be best option because it seems like a sinking ship at moment,really hope MS come through thisbad patch.
jimbobbeers  +   639d ago

fullmetal297  +   639d ago
The game hasn't even been release and people are already talking trash about it?
noxeven  +   639d ago
Its all about reaching as many people as possible to maximize profit. Understandable you think they would move more units on xb1 exclusive experience but I believe titan wall was originally gonna be just a 360 title for respawn. What really matter is the exclusive that come out later this year.
Flames76  +   639d ago
Wow just when you think a sony fanboy article couldnt get anymore pathetic.Ive already said this your not gonna stop Titanfall or the Xbox One.Its not micosofts fault that sony has lost money on the playstation brand for 8 years now in a row and ready to go bankrupt.
mmj  +   639d ago
It won't do Microsoft's reputation any good if they abandon another console like they did the original Xbox.
#29 (Edited 639d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Ashby_JC  +   639d ago
No matter what ms does people week complain and write articles.

If they had made titanfall Xbox one only....then there would be a article complaining that msshould have gotten game made for Xbox 360.

One part also that people are not talking about is....isn't it respawn decision what platforms game is being made for???
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