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*their*, there.

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Agreed, not a fan of prequels, Star Wars saw to that!

New Characters and new story, perhaps crossing paths with previous characters every once in a while to give a sense of familiarity.

BTW, what is up with this site these days? This is the 3rd computer I've visited it on over the last few months and it just feels like a slow, buggy mess. Is that just the way it is now?

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A quick glance at the picture, I thought it said 'The Urine Test'...

I thought - what's a Russian Olympian doing in a space suit?

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Perhaps I didn't quite word that comment correctly, meant good as in quality.
I was actually poking fun at the article, not bigging up UC4, I haven't even played UC4 yet.

As for the other comments, why is everybody getting so upset over 6 down votes?

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Why can't all movies be as good as The Godfather?

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I thought the key word was "a".

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I don't have a 4k tv and have no intention of upgrading to one anytime soon, so if all it does is makes PS4 games look better on a 4k tv, then... no.

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"Meaning that even if you are small you still find ways to get your product out to as many people as possible"

But they have found a way.

They have decided they don't have the sufficient resources to make multiple versions of their game so they have decided to launch on the console which gets their "product out to as many people as possible".

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So you didn't read the 'uneven presentation quality ' and 'average gameplay' bits then?

69 sounds about right.

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Hitman does have a lot of replay value. I'm very much enjoying doing the same levels over and over again trying to perfect each hit. I think this type of game is well suited to the episodic model.

I was quite disappointed by Absolution and if this game released as a full price finished game I probably wouldn't have bothered with it, but I tried the beta and at just £11.99 for the intro pack, I thought I'd give it a chance, and I'm g...

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Xbox has fallen short because it has failed to create it's own identity. The xbox is just microsofts playstation.

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PS1 was such a success because it appealed more to older teenagers and young adults. In doing so playstation had created it's identity.

The nintendo/sega fans of the nes/master system, snes/megadrive generations had matured and with that a new market was created. Sony managed to capture that market far more so than nintendo or sega.

Xbox has fallen short because it has failed to create it's own identity. The xbox is just m...

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"or know at least what they purchased"

That's the bit the makes me scratch my head... Why would somebody buy something when they don't know what they're buying? It's not as if it's going to sell out or go up in price.

I'll probably buy the first expansion pack when it comes out but I doubt I'll bother with the season pass because the fourth and final expansion is due for release over a year from now and I very much doubt ...

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So? Re-read his comment.

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I enjoyed the beta so that's why I bought the game, and now I'm enjoying the game.
The beta was a pretty accurate representation of the full game, if you didn't enjoy the beta you won't enjoy the full game.

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"Diminishes the value of the season pass that you paid out for."

Or... they've got so much content coming, they can afford to give some away for free?

I'm enjoying the game very much but I haven't bought the season pass.

I've never bought a season pass early, I think it's crazy. I'll wait until the content of the first expansion pack is revealed and decide if it's worth it then. However, I feel confident ...

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Either that or Darklink28 is throwing his weight around and threatening to have him banned for the Zelda comment.

It's always questionable when the author is so quick to use the comment section.

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I'm pretty sure ShadowKnight and Darklink28 are in cahoots and the first 5 comments above were orchestrated.

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The reviews and general fan reception combined with the record breaking box office numbers suggests you wouldn't be best suited to a career in market analysis.

I get the impression someones desperate for a little attention.

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Did you play AWs campaign?
It looked fantastic. The MP looked AWful, I'm only refering to the campaign.

Killzone games usually look great but I fail to see what was so great about SF,the facial animations were really not good.

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