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Ah 360 fanbots service out in full service today I see. Tomb Raider has been a shadow of its former self since it left the PS1 and it will never be as big as it once was. Especially now FAIL-ENIX make the game. They couldn't make a AAA title if you gave them the AAA title and told them to just stick it in a box and sell it!

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Indeed the NGP kills off the need for the 3DS especially if you have a DS or DSi already..

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@Abash you basically got it there.. People buy the new nintendo handheld as its the only place you can find mario and yoshi Nintendo will force people to buy 3DS by moving there flagship titles to it. However the 3DS is starting to drop in sales and the regular DS and DSi are outselling it now.. So I think Nintendo might drop it as may other devs. So we may never see MGS 3D on the 3DS.

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Oh no a pc game looking better than console games?? This has been going on since the day the consoles got released lets move on please.

Only thing that worries me if these are real it looks TERRIBLE on consoles..

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So many ppl pleased to be getting this on 360?? If you really liked MGS you would have bought a PS3 a long time ago.. Don't try to fool people like your excited you only 360 owners don't give a crap about this game coming on 360 you just think its some sort of victory that's how lame you are.

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Your moaning because it wasn't FFVII basically.. EPIC FAIL.. I want FFVII remake as much as the next guy but this is a completely different game.

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I liked FF13 too but the problem is I liked it because there wasn't much to compare it to. WKC series is probably the only other decent JRPG out there right now still in development. NIS games are getting stale and samey.

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Why have 2 icons though? I dont get it?? EU only had 1 and the system worked a lot better than US no complaints of anybody losing games. All the complaints are coming from the way the US store did things.. Why can't they do anything together?

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Exactly not much reason to buy a 360 if you aint got one anymore though :(. PS3 seems to be the way it too has all those games plus a mountain of exclusives..

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Anything for more money eh MS?? Sony offer this free with PlayTV and have for years.. Come up with something new eh?? I want new stuff on my 360 dammit not recycled crap I dont even want for my ps3.

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Yeah MS gets a 5 year old+ port and Sony get a brand new game?? Not really fair.. But its not upto devs to be fair really. Glad its coming to PS3 because I prefer to buy my arcade games on PS3. I HATE the points system on 360.

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Yep another "exclusive" bites the dust they dropping like flys it seems lately. PS3 lost a few too seems devs cannot afford single consoles any more it's why we need a single console from MS and Sony now as only 1st party seems safe these days.

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You should still have the second game you selected in your download history. If it's not there straight away give it time no doubt the stores gonna have the same problems as yesterday for a few hours.

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These are RRP prices I doubt they sell for $59.99 every where in US. We all know though US is the cheapest place to buy games and this article now proves it.

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NGP and PS3 connection features sound cool.. yet another reason to choose the ps3 version over 360.

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All these people going on they are glad its on 360 why?? If you were truly a fan you would have bought a PS3 for MGS4 one of the best in the series. Sure it's great on 360 but it will sell a LOT more on PS3 as a lot of PS3 owners bought a PS3 for MGS4. I honestly don't see the point of MGS on 360 as the playstation family is the only place to play every game (minus the early NES ones of course lol).
The same cant be said for other series on 360 that made the jump as there als...

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From what we get though its an actual story not just missions like on U2 so you are getting 2 games in 1 in theory.

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Sony have said on the blog they are increasing the server size to deal with this anyway that might be why its gone down a short while to get new servers online.

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Wow really?? They are a huge 360 fanboy site how the hell they get access to ps3 exclusive stuff first is beyond me anyway.. Sony should black list them.

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They probably 360 shots then as the game was probably using the same engines with no upgrades to rush it out. They using the same battle system too. All they would have to do is make some new characters and areas and BOOM new game. Easy as pie really. PS3 version as we all know looked a lot better.

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