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Pay attention, it's not R* it's Team Bondi

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Definitely not cheaper man. What are you smoking? My Xperia was 150 on a 3 year contract but without the contract it was around 600$... how is that cheaper than the PS VITA which will retail for 250?

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It is a pretty slick deal. It would be interesting to see if they use this to pad their sales though...

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Is anyone anywhere surprised by this review? Graphics look decent though, I can give them that

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I'm definitely interested in how this will turn out as a F2P mmo. Will have to look into it.

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The 580 is not dual gpu

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I must say, entertaining review lol

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Man, I hated Karkand, I would love to see the Gulf of Oman come back though.

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Same here. I expect the price to be more in the 350-399 range. Especially the model with 3g.

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As others have said above get the logitech driving force gt. Its not too expensive and its a great wheel.

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Did you have a stroke while you were typing???

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Does the XMB really need to be improved that much? Personally I find it easier to find things and much quicker than the dashboard (mind you I prefered the old blades system to the new one). I really can't think of anything the XMB needs to be improved on. Maybe loading icons a little quicker in game but that's it. And I don't give a flying duck about Cross game voice chat, in my opinion it's a useless feature. Why would I want to talk to people in a different game than I'm...

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Totally agree. I played the shit out of that game

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Actually the best cars are european and so are the best women. Sorry dude, sad but true

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People like you are the cancer killing our industry. You're willing to sit back and pay more for the same rehashed drivel year after year after year? No wonder innovation in the market has stagnated. Dont bitch when activision starts charging for gun unlocks and 20$ maps. Its your fault they started.

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That was amazing. And accuratly portrays my exact feelings abot emos. Bubs up

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Do they not teach punctuation in school anymore? Jesus son, re-read that post and tell me it doesnt at least need a comma.

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Thats still not a valid argument. No casual who just plays brain training is gonna pick up a 300$ iphone AND deal with a contract for the sole purpose of playing brain training. People who get an iphone get them primarily as a phone, not to play brain training

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Anyone else actually disappointed by Age of Empires Online? I was hoping for a true sequel to AoE3 and Robot got me good and hyped from trolling the forums, but alas, I guess it's never going to happen. *sigh*

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Well said Graey. +bubs for that

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