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I know right? The trailer looked dope. The same guys hating this probably really liked titanfall's teaser trailer.

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Why not?

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Patching tales of vesperia is exactly what i just bought mine for! Didn't know we could undub games with cfw though :0

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One with ofw 3.55 or less ;)

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The internet is the sea, my pc is a boat. Arggg

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I have a similar build but my fx8350 is at 4.5, and i have an r9 390. I go from 60 to 40 more than i'd like to on this game. Still playable to me though so i don't care.

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June is gunna kill my wallet.

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Yoshida turned a flop mmo into one of the best mmos. Can't say that many have done that, especially with how mmos are. Square still has talent left.

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You can, you need a psn account for the region and maybe papal to pay for it.

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I am too. It's there own version of censorship i guess. A lot of western games that had gory features were turned down for their japanese release as well.

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Story wise i think it's darker, gameplay wise, p3p is the same as 4 while fes you can only controll the MC while setting your teams tactics.

Both games are really enjoyable and have great characters. You'll have to play it to see which you like better honestly.

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Kotaku is still reliable?

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Miranda sells.

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Idk i was interested in her concept and role. Watching those old trailers make me think about what we could've had

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Lol yankeeboo. The "boo" terms are growing :D im with you though. Original voices if any at all.

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And if you can't get that, r9 390 and 970 are the best performance per dollar cards right now.

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I wanted to try vr before dropping cash in for a vive. So i made a bootleg device, getting a $20 headset for my phone. Bought an app called trinusVR for 10 bucks. Hooked it up to my pc and tried some games.

Motion sick as hell, 50fps was my max with this piece of trash. But it was fun. I can see why there is hype for the expensive headsets.

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I swear xbox will become the next zune if they keep this up

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Man. I would be really frustrated in that situation. you didn't have to spend the extra money if they would've said something earlier.

Well i guess you can play halo on xbox only. For now.

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They make a game a gen though. Or at least that's what it seems like lol.

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