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That is precisely why I didn't use the word 'good' but rather referred to 'value for money'.

Also, I don't consider 'inability to commit' to be a negative thing in this context. It's entirely a choice - I very much could commit, but choose not to, as I tend to enjoy tight narrative more than sprawling freedom.

There are different reasons why people play games - developers should exist that cat...

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I have to say, I agree. I'm generally more likely to buy a game that is 18 hours long than a game that is 100 hours long, because I know that I'm likely going to get put off by the sheer length of the game and give up before I even reach the 18 hour point.

That is a very clumsy sentence, but essentially, I weirdly find that (for me) shorter games to be better value for money.

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I agree with what you said regarding number 5.

Plus, with the speed you can easily load up a particular part of a game, it's hardly a problem. I was playing something the other day when I got a notification that someone had beaten one of my times on Astro. I was able to load up the level in Astro, beat their time and get back to my own game in around 2 minutes total.

And beyond that, I can't really imagine using the multiple game-suspending featur...

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To me, it's not so much the haptics themselves (although they are impressive) but the sheer combination of the controller's features. Pulling a trigger, feeling the resistance, the controller shaking in a realistic way, plus the sound from the controller's speaker simultaneously gives a very immersive feel.

None of the features are hugely game changing on their own, but together they can really add to the feel of the moment.

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Great game. So much better than the tech demo I was expecting. At this stage, I'd buy a file fledged sequel if they brought one out in a few years.

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Totally agree. It's the first time I've actually wanted to display a console proudly. I honestly couldn't be happier with the way it looks

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A fan remake of Timesplitters is in the works with the blessings of the original developers. And Crytek have said that they also plan to do something official with the franchise.

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The Switch did a similar thing with one of the pieces of music from Kirby...

But it wasn't on this level! This is seriously impressive. Imagine if MGS got remade on PS5; the PsychoMantis fight would change from "I can move your controller" to "I can make your controller play the theme tune to this game!"

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A lot of the Mass Effect DLC is fantastic. Some parts are actually the most memorable parts of the entire series.

Its great to know that this will be the full Mass Effect experience.

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It is intriguing though... they mention in their tweet that "the biggest challenge for us right now is shipping the game on current-gen, next-gen and PC at the same time..."

Now, maybe that just means that they are working on making sure the game RUNS on PS5 and Series X (but that this will still be the current-gen version). But it's definitely not clear!

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Very happy about this news. I don't play many online games, but was intrigued by this. And I wasn't really prepared to pay £70 for it!

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Not only that, but you WANT content to be cut. It shows that there was an abundance of creativity and they selected the best to be in the game.

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Completely agree. I played the series up until Syndicate and enjoyed them all other than AC3. But the first game was the best in terms of:
- Interesting assassination missions with multiple possible "free-form" approaches.
- A genuine feeling of dread while being chased.
- It's narrative connections between the modern day sections and the main historical gameplay.

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I highly recommend Bloodborne, if that means anything!

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You're probably right. And your comment has made me realise that - even as a PlayStation fan myself - I'm glad that it's Microsoft that has bought ZeniMax and not Google or Apple.

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Will be fascinating to see how they do on a new IP. They're obviously a very talented developer in the technical department, but it will be interesting to see if they can match that with their creativity and innovation. If so, they could give some of the top developers a run for their money.

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I agree. They've really nailed the "what THPS1 and THPS2 would have been like if they were made in 2020" vibe. The game feels so modern, while still feeling like a genuine and respectful remake.

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Good list. Though not sure I agree with Zoo. That was a very weak level in my opinion.

I think if they're going to do DLC, they should really do the whole of THPS3. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to think this might be a possibility, either.

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They have explained in interviews that they didn't want to be "tethered" to a continuity that wasn't their own. They wanted full creative control.

Plus, Rocksteady may one day revisit the Batman portion of the Arkhamverse (perhaps even in Suicide Squad). It's better for the end of Knight to be picked up on by the original developers.

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I was always a bigger fan of the later games in the series (free-play orientated, rather than 2-minute session orientated). However, I honestly believe this is the best Tony Hawk game in the series. I have barely been able to put it down since last Friday.

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