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I think the article meant stories should have an actual good guy in it instead broken characters all over the grey spectrum.

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I actually want to play this game for the hell of it. I'm not expecting a masterpiece like some of you people.

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I just saw the gameplay... Did a PR rep say that?

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I don't even need to read the article everytime PR talks to angry gamers they still get angry or things just get worse. If the devs can't change things just shut up and release the game and cut your losses.

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I can understand a "skip cutscene" button but other than that you're only helping the speed running community with such a feature.

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The game is boring though.

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I don't get why employees get angry. Big corporations like Microsoft and Google has always done government contracts. Without government contract all those popular tech you have in your computer or cellphone. Those contracts will help make tech more popular/cheaper. The Hololens is still a couple grand to buy and companies like EA or Ubisoft is not gonna make it cheaper.

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he's gonna rebrand a Chinese linux distro gaming machine and have it pre-installed with fortnite.

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NANI??? Toned downed boobs????

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an FPS?


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Upload date: 2009
Final episode of Fresh Prince: 1996
Your argument is invalid checkmate.

inb4 "the fucking song was released in 1984"

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I'm seriously surprised people aren't bored of the game. All you get are skins and there is only 1 game mode that people play.

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ps vita 2 confirmed

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They are seething because Ubisoft is right.

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Did this idiot really spend $1000 on..... Skins?

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all this is so petty

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Every time I read these types of articles I always wanted to ask if they just recently started going on the internet.

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"I was young and stupid when creating my username and now after using it for years i want to change it". Who would of thought an internet presence would become so important.

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There isn't passion to the craft anymore.

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