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...they don't seem to have a firm grasp on what horror is.

None of the examples they give from B:AA qualify as "horror"...not even remotely.

4368d ago 4 agree1 disagreeView comment just f*cking annoying. The way she just predictably pops in throughout the games is cliche and boring....not scary in the least. I'm almost done with F3AR, and I've yet to experience a single scare.

4368d ago 1 agree7 disagreeView comment got disagrees for saying something semi-negative about SotC and mentioning PS2 hardware issues/limitations. Sony fanboys are very touchy about the truth...remember that. :o

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...this is comedic gold. This guy took a lot of time writing this lengthy piece...and it was well worth the read. I kept imagining what it would be like if Yahtzee from Zero Punctuation was the author, and was reading it to me. :D

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...MSXBOXWORLD is run by Sony fanboys. It's obvious, if you read the majority of their "stories". It's basically a troll site. This isn't even written by a "real" journalist....they allow people to submit their own blog crap all the time.

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...what a bunch of melodramatic p*ssies. Seriously, what kind of pansy -assed drama queen wrote this garbage anyway?

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...nothing could possibly go wrong with this plan. :o

David Blaine wouldn't be stupid enough to try this sh#t. o_o

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...EA is planning on changing the gameplay and rules, to make it less boring. :o

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" I see a very creative company that gives its developers the tools and the resources they need to do great things, that isn't afraid to [delay] games if that's what it takes to get them right."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....the day Activision delays a COD game AT ALL, let alone "to get them right", is the day I grab my trusty PSG1 and start quick-scoping flying pigs. :o

Their COD business plan is as follows:

-crank out a CO...

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This is becoming a bit of a trend of late. More and more game devs are choosing family over work. Good for them...bad for gamers. :(

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...glasses are for nerds.

Wake me when I can play Uncharted 5 on a glass-less 3-D TV. :o

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I feed off their hate, envy and fear. There's so much of it here, I stay satisfied. I also eat disagrees from spineless fantrolls for dessert. :D

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...and it just constantly froze and crashed. The admins of their official website were as useless as tits on a boar, when I was trying to figure out why. I uninstalled it, and quickly forgot about it. It was an ugly game anyway...looked like a PS2 game, and I hate playing older-gen games on my 50" plasma.

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...I've never so much as FLINCHED, while playing a F.E.A.R. game. I always thought the series was waaaay overrated in the scares dept. Condemned:CO had many more scary moments, IMO...and Dead Space 1 & 2 blow them BOTH away. Maybe it's because I've watched so many Japanese and Korean "horror" films over the years, and laughed and/or rolled my eyes through them all. :o

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If Notch is "one of the greatest game developers of all time"....then DNF has to be one of the greatest GAMES of all time.

4370d ago 5 agree0 disagreeView comment I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding gameplay footage.

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This is just pathetic fanboy "journalism". This guy couldn't be a bigger anti-MS troll if he tried.

4370d ago 0 agree2 disagreeView comment just continue to fail at everything you try. Just give up and let MS or EA buy you already.

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