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Who says anything about buying the same game twice? Developers could pretty easily make it so that you get the game for PS3 and PSP for one price, especially easy if it's a downloadable title.

Cross platform gaming is very clever, and I think this is the wave of the future.

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You, sir, are hereby demoted and may no longer call yourself "Lord"!

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Can't logon, I've got two accounts, none work.

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I got the Move on Friday, and I'm sure that lots of people have already gotten it besides me. I'm going to try the demos etc for a while and then buy some more games. My son might like EyePet, for instance.

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Gonna try it out now, hopefully it was worth the wait!

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There's a differece between "should have" and "would have". ;)

If he claims exclusivity then is is probably indeed a moron, but I suspect that this was just phrased erroneously.

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My interpretation was that the game was exclusive to PSN, and that this was the news of interest, not that it was in any was exclusive to HHG. If it was, it would be weird to post in on YouTube, right?

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My copy of LBP shipped yesterday. :P Not gonna sell it though, gonna play!

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BioShock is great on the Xbox 360, this will be a day one purchase for me.

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Right now, I don't really care what the Collectors Edition contains, I just know that I want this game ASAP, and that it that I probably will think that this is the best game of all times.

That position is currently held by RE4, and I've completed that game 20 times, so my hopes for RE5 are very high, to say the least. :)

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This is just me guessing, but since Umbrella likes to employ scientists etc from all over the world, it IS perfectly logical that people of different colors are mixed at sites where their stuff has broken out. Asuming ofcourse that Umbrella is in fact involved, which I would bet that they are.

All RE games except RE4 has had a multi-ethnic array of zombies, so I don't really get all this confusion.

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Aparently there's this new invention called the "aeroplane", or something like that. It allows for people to travel all over the world very quickly. I say it's sorcery, but what do I know?

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Your post is a fine example of why they created the Open Zone.

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Alot of people make the same mistake as you do in your post, when you say that RE4 "was not a real Resident Evil". Capcom makes the series, and they decide what is Resident Evil and what isn't. If RE4 had been a clone of Pong, it would still be Resident Evil, since they set the norm.

Furthermore, an interview with one of the producers have been released, and while I do agree with you that RE4 is riddled with guns, all that will change in RE5, acoording to the producer. ...

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I wasn't surprised. Sadly, Capcom isn't that great when it comes to updating their web site, and posting new information. They seem to be somewhat oblivious to the fact that their web site is probably the best way to spread information and to create hype. Cause they are great at making games, no doubt about it.

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When this game is released, I will put in for a vacation. I've completed RE4 20 times now, and that game simply doesn't get old for me. RE5 actually looks like it might be even better, and I'm anxiously awaiting this gem of a game.

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But we don't really know if that was the purpose of the mod in the first place, my guess would be that it wasn't. :)

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I don't know much about the Wii hacks, but the Xbox 360 was hacked simply because of a very basic mistake. And you can't play anything homebrew on it, as of yet.

From what I can gather, the hardware copy protections active in the PS3 are basically the same as in the Xbox 360, and from what I've read about these things, "the pirates" are nowhere near hacking any of this. It's just too complex and solid.

I think we have to face facts, we were simply spoil...

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...the Open Zone is this way ---->

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That chuckle was well worth a bubble, here you go. :)

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