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Ah, those were the times when everyone were saying "the ps3 got no games." I don't think anybody is saying that now though.

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Exactly. Rockstar North are respected developers. They put in work and don't milk anything or try to make a quick buck off of the GTA name or DLCs.

I personally liked GTA4, but even those that didn't like GTA4 can look forward to GTA5 because Rockstar North rarely disappoint and actually puts years of work into the game instead of 12 months like CoD...

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You have got to be the biggest Call of Duty fanboy ever.

I can't find a comment where you don't praise CoD.

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I don't understand why this is being brought up as if Naughty Dog brainwashed us into thinking Drake is a hero.

The "Is Drake a Hero?" question is even brought up in the game itself...

After you defeat Lazarevic he says:

"You think I am a monster, but you're no different from me Drake. How many men have you killed? How many... just today? That's it boy... no compassion, no mercy."

Sooo yeah. Wh...

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"It was the squadmates gun from behind the player that shot the enemy, not the player's shotgun"

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I'm guessing it's coming out next week?

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First off, you say that FF12 battle system is so slow, but so is 13. Going in and out of battle screens is not faced paced in my opinion. Talk about hypocrisy lol.

Second, I said that it should be an IMPROVEMENT. If you IMPROVE on something it's no longer old lol. I didn't say make it exactly like 12, I said SE should have IMPROVED on 12's system.

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FF12 is better than 13 in my opinion and I also think the battle system is better too. FF13 should have been an improvement on 12's battle system instead of going with a semi random encounter type thing.

Random encounter/going on to a different battle screen is so outdated. Everything should happen real time in my opinion.

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""Gears of War > Uncharted
Uncharted 2 > Gears of War 2""

^^^ I agree with that. Gears 1 is better than Uncharted 1, but Uncharted 2 blows Gears 2 out of the water.

I honestly think that Uncharted 3 will be better than Gears 3 though. All the videos shown for UC3 so far ensures that UC3 will be one damn good game, but like you said we'll have to wait and see.

I actually think that Gears and Unch...

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I agree with everything the article said except for the next Xbox being the most powerful.

I think the PS4 will be the most powerful yet affordable.

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Those numbers will most likely increase when people get their hands on the beta.

I haven't preordered BF3 yet myself and whether or not I actually do preorder will depend on the beta.

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Those numbers will most likely increase when people get their hands on the beta.

I haven't preordered BF3 yet myself and whether or not I actually do preorder will depend on the beta.

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They should have just put in proximity chat and have a dedicated squad chat channel.

This will allow you to talk and hear anyone around you including enemies while also being able to talk to your squad 24/7.

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Exactly. I remember when everyone was like "PS3 got no games" I've always said that "the PS3 ain't got no games NOW, but in the future it will have a healthy library." Now people are like "the ps3 might have more exclusives, but none match the quality of halo and gears." I always lol @ that statement.

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Yeah, Killzone deserves to be on the list even though one of the games falls short(KZ3). KZ1's story and KZ2's MP are spectacular and are highly unappreciated.

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Don't take this the wrong way, but this looks like a MW2 expansion pack to me. I don't know why this is, but it just does.

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I agree with games on the list, but not the order.

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No respawn? That sounds a bit hardcore... sooo I'm guessing most will stick to team death match.

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I'm going to keep it simple. It's all about how you implement them. Just because everyone as access to them doesn't mean anything. If everyone has access to a one hit kill button does that mean it's an ok feature to have?

If something is unbalanced or unfair it is just that; unfair. It doesn't matter if everyone can do it.

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Couldn't have said it any better.

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