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My opinion: I believe the single player is going the way of the dodo by design. It's no coincidence that Microsoft and Sony charge for the multiplayer experience and now AAA games are leaning solely towards that way of thinking. They can't tax the after-purchase play-ability unless they focus on their PS+ membership. Exclusives like Uncharted sell well, but that's about it for singleplayer.

Btw, I love single player games and campaigns, so I'm biased. I ha...

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Hey, it's my bike! I think it'd be fun ride it hard in the game and see what it can really do. I'm a little conservative on the street, since you know, there are respawns when you take a turn hard & wide into a tree.

OT: I'd like to see some gameplay vids and not just a 3D bike list.

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Looks very promising! AG racing is a very fun genre. I was talking to a buddy yesterday about older games that would be sweet on the new gen consoles and was hoping for either a new Wipeout or Jet Moto for the PS4. I'm still holding out hope for a new Jet Moto... Any idea on a projected release date?

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Please tell me this is not the only Xbox response to The Show...

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Dirt 3 was awesome and probably my favorite racing game. I enjoyed the shorter races (racing games are strenuous on my eyes, so I enjoy my races to be less than 5 min), the variety of vehicles and races, gymkhana was sweet and the graphics and physics were great. I'd love to see what they can do on the PS4.

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I'm trying to get into soccer games and I think my best option is checking out the demos. What's the general consensus on which demo I should try first, Fifa or PES? I only have limited space left on my PS3 - not enough to download both demos simultaneously. Thanks.

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This is the main reason why I haven't been a GT fan since GT3 when I was younger. There are so many awesome cars out there (and in this game), but I need to spend time driving a f'n Nissan Leaf? With all the license tests and early stages, you'll probably spend 5 hours driving slow cars in a RACING game. I didn't pick up GT5 for this reason, and I won't be picking up GT6.

I'll be sticking to the Dirt and NFS Shift series, where you start the game ou...

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Dude, this is just GT Academy - aka: demo

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Adrian 'All Day' Peterson without a doubt. The guy is a beast. Skol Vikings!!!

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"What I didn't like: It's still baseball"
Any sport video game cannot change the way the sport is played, they can only make it as realistic and as fun as possible. Also, if you don't like the sport, why are you reviewing a baseball game? I don't like soccer, so I won't play or review FIFA 20xx. Review score thrown out due to that comment.

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First off, let me say that I'm a big fan of the Army of Two series. That said, I'm highly disappointed that they replaced Elliot and Tyson with Alpha and Bravo - two of the most generic names in video game history. I wonder if there will be any chemistry between the two or will it be another generic shooter...insert guns, ammo and blood here. Because we definitely do not have enough shooters in this generation.

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I agree and The Show is my baseball game of choice. However, I really enjoyed the last NCAA baseball by EA (2006, I think). I'm not sure the direction it would have taken under EA, but I also presume it would be similar to Madden.

However, I'm an every other year sports game buyer, and The Show hasn't changed significantly in the past couple of years outside of additional controls in '12. I think it's the nature of the beast though, since they can'...

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No, and I agree with the author. Although I agree that graphics and environment are a significant portion of gaming today, it will never replace gameplay. I personally despise qte and am sick of running into cut scene after cut scene, only to hit x and my player does what he has to in order to end the scene.

I don't pay $60 for a movie. I want to feel that I'm actually interacting with the environment.

Nothing beats gameplay.

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I disagree, and maybe that's the hits this guy is looking for. It was extremely linear, the moral choices in 2 were a joke and they had terrible friendly AI which made for extremely tough bosses. However, I thoroughly enjoy the series and am really hoping for a strong third game. I'm not saying it's going to be a day 1 buy, but I'll definitely purchase when it gets to the $35 range.

As far as worst series this generation, I'd have to go with Naughty Bea...

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I meant a demo for this one. I'll have to check out the PSN for it, thanks!

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I always welcome more games to this genre. I loved IL-2 Sturmovik and am waiting for a similar game designed for the pacific theater. However, I hope there's a demo. There have been quite a few duds in this genre.

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Did they miss the Mechromancer DLC for Borderlands 2, or is that out next week? IGN says it's out today...

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I agree with you guys. NHL and The Show switch it up every year, which is solid. Madden goes back and forth between offense and defense orientation.

The problem is that it's difficult to change the video game when the actual game remains stagnant. Football is football, what can EA change in the gameplay? The thing that really annoys me, is the same bad commentary year after year. COD gets a lot of crap for being the same game YoY, but at least it's an upgrade and ...

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I just watched the IGN review of Tiger Woods 13 and I believe that is the worst example of DLC in gaming. You have to pay $2 per round to rent the DLC and can't buy it outright, even though it's already on the shipped disc. I thought last year's TW was bad, with something like $150 of DLC, but this is getting out of hand.

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I'm getting this game on Thursday ( and can't wait. I purchase it every other year, and it's suppose to be a lot different/better than MLB 10. Apparently they changed the ball physics and camera angles.

ESPN had a solid review from a baseball fan's perspective on their mlb page today. It was refreshing, as opposed to the gameplay reviews.

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