RIP James Gandolfini, you will be missed.
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I asked him a simple question Septic and I responded, there was no need for him to get defensive, he could have answered me in a decent manner, but he didn't. So I replied likewise.

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Sorry, I forgot you were quite a boring person to talk to, I'll remember not to talk to you again.

'Had I not done it, I would not get chance at having a ps4.'

Lol. You actually believe that crap.

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'Obviously you weren't on n4g at the start of this generation'

I was actually, I was here. I was around when the n64 and ps1 launched, I was around when the snes and megadrive launched, I was around when the nes launched. I've been around for a long time in the gaming world. And you know what? I see through a lot of the bs that gets thrown around, so I look at it and laugh.

Maybe you should too, then you wouldn't be so uptight and could ac...

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Yeah I know what you mean, although I think a lot of this 'accessible' talk isn't what the devs actually mean. They know the fanbase loves the challenge of the games, and also how deep the game can be. I think what the devs are trying to do is just make the actual learning curve, by means of the tutorial section, something that is more solid than previous games.

I don't think they will make it easier, just easier for a more casual person to get into the game. ...

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Can you publish it again, but with a different title? You could call it 'Top 8 Most Impressive E3 2013 Titles plus a game TechnicianTed likes very much'?

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'PS4 preorders "through the roof" at GameStop, says Sony'

Would get a very different reaction from many of the people who have posted here.

We could get the banners out then, we could throw a party.

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Use my excitement and stick it in your list!

You have a different list to the one I would have, but I can appreciate why you would be very interested in the choices you made. The Witcher 3 is at the top with Dark Souls 2 for me, The Witcher 3 looks incredible.

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It's missing some Dark Souls 2.

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So you put a $100 preorder down on a console which won't launch for many months, but one of the best games ever made is not down on your priority list?

Ok, whatever.

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Ming the Merciless had a beard, and I wouldn't trust him. I'd sleep with his daughter though, because she was fit.

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It's 'cease' dude, and it should be 'never cease' when used in the context of your sentence. Apparently, according to the Urban dictionary siece means -

1. Siece

A female member of a family that is taken in by her parent's parents permanently.
"My niece is living with my mom and dad"
"Oh. So what is she to you now?"
"She's my Siece"


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Haven't you got it yet?

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It will mostly be forgotten by the time it is on the shelves, especially by the general public who don't frequent sites like n4g too often.

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Brucie is one of my favourites, the guy cracks me up.

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It's not a rip off, it pays homage to the film, it's inspired by it. You can tell the devs loved Scarface as one of the radio stations in GTA 3 plays nothing but music from the soundtrack of Scarface.

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Of course it does, and it has it.

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If I only had this game and The Witcher 3 next year I'd be quite happy, can't wait for both of them.

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Eh? I thought Bed of Chaos was pretty easy really, compared to some of the other bosses.

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Yes, you should. You won't regret it, it's one of the best games of the generation. Play Demon's Souls as well if you can, both games are amazing.

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That's not just any macbook superman. That particular macbook has the soul of the departed friend of the guy holding it, which was infused into the macbook at a voodoo ceremony in Haiti last year.

The poor guy was a keen gamer, and the guy holding him is just showing him the new Xbox. Which was a rare treat for a guy who now lives in a macbook.

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