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I think they need a powerful console that isn't a handheld all this talk about a 4k switch over the last few months makes no sense a handheld isn't going to run 4k not to mention the games will be to big. If they made a powerful console that can pull off 1080p 60fps constant they'll be ok I don't see PS5 and Xbox Series X hitting 8k like they're saying they're going to struggle. With Nintendo working with Nvidia they can make a home console that can pull off 4k 60fps...

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I don't think so I think DIEHARD video gamers will buy both PS5 and Xbox Series X at launch or shortly after it will sell to the DIEHARD Xbox fans though I'm a fan of both however I have no intention on getting either at launch. PS4PRO came out after PS4s launch and it was upgraded that won't happen I decided to get the PRO after PS4 launched and Xbox forget it they released 2 upgrades with the one bombing I owned 3/4s of the consoles they put out. I'll wait and see if eithe...

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I agree with him pretty graphics aren't everything look at Switch it outsold Xbox One within 3 years of being out and games on it are toned downed but people are buying them. I remember when I first got my original Xbox One when it launched Battlefield 4 had slowdown when buildings crumbled I really don't see how Xbox Series X and PS5 are going to get 8k there's no way not on console you'll get 15fps.

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I look at it like this if the developers are that interested in PS5 don't bring your games to Xbox Series X or Switch then so you can make more money.

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Yep I never get all the intel in Call of Duty or treasures in games like Tomb Raider or Uncharted. :(

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Sales wise Nintendo did it was the best selling console for months and it past Xbox sales in 2 and a half years that's pretty incredible if you ask me.

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I don't think the future looks bright for Sony or Xbox because both are saying 8k however what are people going to get 8k 15fps maybe 20fps??

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Yeah I gave up on 2k wrestling games I'd rather play old school games they're much more fun not to mention if Rick Rude makes the roster this year he'll have the same attire on for the 6th year straight.

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Lmao no they haven't the game looks the same and you can wrestle outside by a barn as a zombie yeah they really learnt.

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Improvements??? Every year it's the same game they don't improve anything people have been asking for GM mode and they don't give people what they ask for but yet ask for ideas and say they read the input when they don't.

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Nah Yukes was doing great until Visual Concepts came in to help develop the games 2k said that Visual Concepts has passion for wrestling but...... they really don't they have zombie like wrestlers wrestling outside a barn. Yukes was great Visual Concepts suck I'm sure this year it will be the same bs copy and paste crap like always they're lazy Rick Rude has had the same attire for 5 years straight he was a colorful wrestler.

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Quality titles??? Days Gone wasn't a big hit it wasn't quality it's ok but not great if that's the case then Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 got rated 7.8 compared to Ps4s Days Gone 6.5 see where the quality is???

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It's not fine I mean in reality if revenue is down it can get them to leave the hardware business all together sure they're worth billions but the only thing Microsoft is winning with is their software and Windows OS.

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The Switch is a console it hooks up to your tv and its on the go the lite isn't I think they're saying with the lite it can surpass it sure the PS4 sold close to 100 million however they added PRO sales to it.

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Um do some research on PS3 and Wii the Wii had barely any third party support and the Wii outsold it.

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I think the sales of the Switch say otherwise no matter what people say sales matter Zune sucked it didn't sell well Windows Phones suck you don't hear about them anymore that shows sales matter. Switch is about to pass Xbox One in sales and the Xbox One is more powerful than Switch they can be behind the curve and make a ton of money its sad when a console is $299.99 like Xbox One and PS4 and its been outselling them isn't it??

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Like Microsoft and Sony did with the Xbox One S/X and the PS4PRO.

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PS5 is already a success even tough it didn't launch yet I think it's going to sell just as good as PS4 did if not better.

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I don't think so I mean they say its going to hit 120fps with games I doubt either console will do this not to mention they said Xbox One was going to be 1080p and most games were 720p. I have an Xbox One X and I personally don't think its much more powerful than PS4PRO 2 games looked good to me and they're Forza Horizon 4 and Red Dead Redemption for Xbox 360 enhanced I'm not wowed by it.

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Use Firefox and get the adblocker add on it works for me I don't get pop ups or ads.

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