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Portal (not portal 2) was original, and it's one of the best games of this generation.

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this video just reminded me how "original crysis," a 4 year old game, puts every other game i've played since to shame.

what an incredible engine they built. there are only 2 engines that can really contend with this. The Dunia Engine, and the Frostbite 2 Engine.

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no idea why you have 8 disagrees and 1 agree. are there really retards out there that thought Spiderman 3 was good?

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you'd think after all these times of getting screwed by COD, ps3-exclusive owners would wise up and stop supporting the franchise.

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my understanding is that it's a good game for leveling up and experiencing the story. but, like most MMOs that aren't wow, it's end game isn't good. that could ultimately change, i suppose. but before they work on building more end-game content, they might wanna fix those 500+ person queues.

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Frankfurt, if only it were that black and white. the language in this bill, just like the defense authorization act (which you should all be even more concerned with), has very broad language that can allow the federal government to shut down any site for any minor reason. this means you have a site that, for example, speaks out against the government, and a user leaves a comment that references a link on youtube to a copyrighted song, the government can use that as an excuse to shut down t...

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of course it's free. it's free subliminal advertising. it'll keep the idea of the game fresh in your mind so you're more likely to purchase the game. probably help you make up your mind about how you feel about it before it's actually reviewed or released too.

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these articles are such BS. pure flaimbait. if you love ps3 so much, just buy one. consoles are not expensive...especially 5/6 years into the cycle.

you people really need to grow up. darth got slammed because what he said was neutral but came off as defense of the 360. if the exact situation were reversed, the agrees/disagrees would be reversed as well despite the completely lack of favoritism on his part.

point is, if you don't own both systems out...

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I played this game about 8-10 hours a day (basically right after work until i passed out) for about 2-3 weeks. then one day, i just didn't feel like playing it anymore...haven't played it since.

and that kinda sucks...cuz i never touched the main story. but it's just too repetitive. the world is expansive, it's got some diversity, but the enemy AI is so predictable and easy to manipulate...everything just becomes too formulaic. maybe i'm just getting o...

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I'm going to start selling self-cleaning ovens, then a year later, i'm going to disable the self-cleaning feature, then use my substantial money and influence to get out of any justifiable court cases that call me out for selling a product that doesn't function as advertised for the agreed upon price.

well done, sony. it's nice to see at least one company with integrity. *Sigh*

EDIT: yeah, i know i'm going to get slammed on n4g for sayi...

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The black plague spread xmas cheer?

such a stupid title.

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"buying this" meaning there's no way i believe they'd give it such a stupid title.

...and even if i did mean buy it buy it...get over it. you take it personally cuz i may not like the same game you do? childish...

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How about an article titled, "Why you should reserve judgement about a game until you actually play it"

i'm so sick of people formulating opinions about games (and anything else) without the necessary information.

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there is no way i'm buying this...that's the lamest name of all time.

if they make another one, i want it to be in gotham, and i want to be able to summon the bat mobile at any time like calling for my horse in RDR.

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Funny, cuz what i was thinking was "how many sony fanboys would feel the desperate need to shower unwarranted praise on uncharted as a result of it justifiably not being included in a top 10 list."

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i think the more intelligent statement would have been "people that obsessively share their opinions about uncharted (and feel the need to mention it on EVERY article) are too young to think critically or to have experienced enough games to give an objective opinion.

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typical childish response, AI80. completely expect.

the missing title that really surprised me is Starcraft.

Half-Life 2 absolutely belongs at number one.

also, Portal 1 is infinitely better than Portal 2.

As for the people talkin about Uncharted...come on. the game doesn't do a single unique thing. it also doesn't have original characters, set pieces, combat, dialogue, etc... Uncharted 1 was a very charming game t...

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There were so many games that disappointed me. Portal 2 was a HUGE let down. la noire got old quick. skyrim, while a great game, has too many of the major flaws that were in oblivion. kz3 and uncharted 3 were not enjoyable at all, but i didn't really expect much from them. i stopped playing gears 3 within about 2 weeks and still haven't finished the campaign. rage was really boring too.

there were some really good games though: arkham city is great (and i didn&#...

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Bioshock 1 is one of the best games of this generation. Up there with Portal. Bioshock 2, on the other hand, was pretty bad. there was nothing wrong with the gameplay, but it just wasn't an interesting story and the combat got repetative...especially they way it became so formulaic when it came to the big sisters.

bioshock 3 could very well be the best of the 3 though. i just hope the game doesn't get bogged down by having that girl with you so much of the time.

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i don't understand this comment "Microsoft has the cash to buy." so many people make it and it doesn't make sense.

if a corporation doesn't have the money to buy, then that corporation is bankrupt. that's the whole point in a make money. not to lose money

MS isn't going to shell out millions of dollars if they don't expect to make that money back.

it's as if people think MS spends money j...

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