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I’m mainly a Playstation gamer, but when i see that two full priced ps5 games cost almost the same as a full year with game pass, I can’t shake the thought that this is not sustainable in the long run for either of the two companies.
I’m pretty sure Microsoft will increase the price of game pass, and I’m also sure Sony will follow suite by expanding PS Now or rebranding it to make a rival to gamepass. Sony won’t give their new games out for free on a service, but maybe they’ll arrive...

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What facts? That Microsoft only focuses on multiplats? So does that mean you believe Forza, Halo, Starfield, Plague Tale, Stalker 2, Outer Worlds 2, Psychonauts 2 and Redfall are coming to ps5?

Do you also believe Avowed, Fable, Perfect Dark, Hellblade 2 and State of Decay 3 are multiplats?
Hate to break your narrative, but Xbox got exclusives.

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Which is why I didn’t buy a xbox until this year. I’ll play most games on the Ps5, but the Xbox will be a great gamepass machine. Can’t wait for Forza 5.

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You’re invested in a overly childish fanboy fight. Got it.

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I don’t think she’s going home with you either way.

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Haha, same. Took a break from playing R&C.

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They had a bunch of console exclusives. What does it matter anyway? Are multiplatform games less fun than first party games?
Or are you invested in the overly childish fanboy fight?

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Loved the first one except for the over the top super natural last part, and I didn’t really like the other kids in the story. But The game overall was really great, and sadly overlooked by many. Very excited for the sequel, it looked really good.

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Can’t believe Microsoft is finally focusing on games. This is good.

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It’s rather likely that Capcom as a whole was unaware of this happening and that this is a single or maybe a few artists fault. They may have thought that this would be fine as they’re manipulating the pictures and blending it togheter with tons of other assets, or at least that they wouldn’t be caught.

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I’m just waiting for the next PSVR upgrade before I buy.

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No need to be so salty over people liking something different than you. I feel sorry for you.

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I want to buy this, but never at 60$. I bought the original game for 60$ and it even included a Zelda themed Wii-mote and the symphony soundtrack. I love Nintendo and Zelda, but the price, the tiny tiny upgrade and the amiibo bs makes me fed up. Nintendo has always been anti consumer, but they've been good at hiding it. This time they're not even trying.

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I think the game is a solid 7, so I pretty much agree with most reviewers.
It was a fun game with a decent story. Though it was also unpolished and repeated a lot of cheap open world tropes.

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No, I'm not that good at it. I'm still playing it, so the ratio is only going to get better. I don't regret buying the game, but the price is steep. Though one could argue that the price is fair considering that games haven't really increased their price in forever.

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I work 70 hour weeks including weekends, but I still get enough time to enjoy this game. It's definitely worth it.
BUT it would make my life easier if it was possible to save the game, and I do 100% think that it's a valid criticism. But I'm also saying that the game is worth it. I wouldn't be surprised if Returnal is looked at as one of the better PS5 games in the future.

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That’s a interesting take. I really enjoy Returnal but I start to question if it was worth the money when I consider what each hour so far costs.
Where I live Returnal (basic edition) costs 100$, and I’ve spent 10 hours so far. 10$ every hour is a lot for a game.

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Why is it «highly likely» that EA puts it on EA Play day one?
They have never put any of their heavy hitters on EA play day one. Fifa 21 took 8 months to appear, Mass effect isn’t coming, Star Wars Squadrons and Jedi didn’t appear until months after. Have I missed something?

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I really doubt it will be on gamepass day one, especially Pc game pass. If that were to happen Microsoft would have had severe diarrhea shitting EA up to the neck with money. I doubt either would take the risk of losing/gaining profit on BF.
But then again, it’s microsoft.

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'mediocrity'... That's simply not true. Each Zelda title have had more variations in gameplay and artistic directions than any predecessor to Demon's Souls. Nothing wrong with that, because the souls games are amazing, but stating that Nintendo's big hitters have fallen into mediocrity is simply not true.

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