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Jesus all the people whining about the price increase. It happens with everything over time. We live in a capitalist society, stuff is offered for a price, you can choose to pay for it or you can choose not to. No one is holding a gun to your head. Instead of whinging on just don’t subscribe if you feel that way!

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Great news, been holding off buying one for 3 years and now I can finally buy one from Apple Store. /s

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I was looking forward to AW2 so much. But then I read that it’s nothing like the original which I loved.

Then I read a lot of comments (opinions) saying it’s basically slow, boring, a walking simulator with not a lot of combat and it just put me off. If I could buy physical I would give it a shot knowing I can trade in if I don’t click with it. But not gonna drop £50 on a digital game where I have no way of recouping some money if I don’t like it.

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I saw an article about how this game was a massive disappointment in terms of sales. I’d never heard of it so thought I’ll give it a quick go and probably delete it. Can’t stop playing, it’s actually excellent in my opinion. Like xcom but without the boring research and base building bits and with the real time movement sections between battles that really makes a nice change from xcom. Love it and agree 9/10-10/10 from me

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Microsoft gonna be so upset, they spent 70 billion dollars with the aim of getting PitbullMonster to buy an xbox and they FAILED

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Microsoft don’t remove first party games from gamepass - once they’re on, they're on for good

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It playground games, and I get the impression they’re perfectionists. It’s in safe hands

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Won’t play it till it’s 60fps. Each to their own but I really don’t like 30fps games any more, spoilt with most being 60 now. Makes a massive difference to my eye

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... might be your fault then, stop turning around!

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Bahaha if you believe that you'll literally believe anything!

"Yeah Microsoft gave us a wedge of cash to put our game on their flagship service Gamepass, so we decided to ruin our relationship with them once the money landed in our bank account by sticking two fingers up and purposefully not optimising it"

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Love how people are disagreeing with your facts. Typical community response 🤣

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It's more or less 2 years since they launched... end of 2020

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For me, 60fps makes such a huge difference to the feel of a game over 30fps that I hate going back to games that run at 30. They just feel sluggish and janky.

I was interested in this game but now... not at all. Bad mistake by the developer here.

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Works fine if you don’t have terrible internet … and I find it a great way to see if I like something before committing to installing it

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You’ve completely misunderstood.

It means;
Sony and Nintendo will remain the biggest competition to Microsoft.

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Instant on is…. Well …: pretty much instant. How would they speed that up by 5 seconds?

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Looks like it could be good. Needs more work, the world doesn't look very alive...sort that out.

Also the music is absolutely ridiculous for a sonic game. Like the soundtrack from a hidden object adventure.

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Confusing, the review says the game is really boring, clunky, not fun at all, "one positive thing is it runs well" ... then gives a 6/10! The review makes it sound more like a 3/10

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Yes, but it’s optional, this game requires no subscription - and if it raises the demand for single player story games due to more exposure, and more are developed as a result, then it’s a win for everyone who wants games like this, including both gamepass and non gamepass subscribers.

I think that’s the point he was making.

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Hope all you want, but while you have idiots buying cosmetics and other pointless mtx in games the developers have no incentive to make rich story driven games any more. They will all go where the money is. Sad times

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