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Ghost Recon reveal at X10 maybe?

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go look at the socom forums. better yet make a post asking their thoughts on MAG. i bet it's 5 to 1 in those finding it horrible. you'll find a few over there that are into the game or are willing to give it a go, other than that most hate it.

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They spent a long time and a bunch of R&D on their server architecture. I was told they didnt even really start working on MAG as a game until 2007, the two years prior were spent on their server architecture they built from the ground up.

If someone else is willing to spend that much time and money, then they can match it. But I don't think many are going to be given 2 years just to get the servers right before they even begin work on the game.

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The one GTA4 trophy, Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic, is ridiculous. If you want it you basically have to set aside 30+ hours with someone else, not turn off your system, not leave the room and a ton of other conditions because of how messed up the Rockstar servers are for the PS3 version. And it's only a bronze.

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Was this not the same exact rumor after COD4 was released? I remember someone saying they were working on a sci-fi IP and that was gonna be the next game they made. But guess what? We got MW2. I'm sure the next game they come out with will be MW3.

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Digital distribution will never happen. Games will always outpace the capabilities of broadband internet.

The broadband penetration isnt that great, the infrastructure isnt that great and you have bandwith caps. Games will continue to get bigger as the other stuff lags behind.

Some cable companies cap your bandwith at 70 GB/month. Imagine a month where you have three games coming out that you want really bad but you can't get the third because you ran out of band...

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SOCOM 4 by Zipper will be announced at some point this year. Hell it might even release this year.

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What happened to Grant Collier? I mean the guy was president and ceo of Infinity Ward and he just disappeared from the company.

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It's SOCOM 4 and it's been in the works for about two years now. Motion capture was completed towards the first half of this year.

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Games that come out at the beginning of the year are always forgotten about. Short term memory for most in the industry when it comes to awards at the end of the year.

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They should be able to add Zipper's SOCOM 4 to their lineup next year too.

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Zippers SOCOM 4. You can take that to the bank.

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I'll think they'll be coming to the PS3 at some point. Too much money to pass up. Also too many places have talked about them coming to the PS3 like they know for a fact, both on 1UP podcasts and the recent Podcast Beyond at IGN.

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Well the engine is done so it's not that crazy.

It will be interesting to see how Sony juggles Killzone 3, Resistance 3 and SOCOM 4. Because all of them could be ready to release next holiday season.

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I was told by someone earlier this year that L4D was being ported to the PS3 and that it would be out in November. And then the next time I asked, I was told it was put on the shelf for no apparent reason. Maybe they scrapped porting L4D so they could work on the L4D2 port? Either way it's not gonna be a simultaneous launch if it even happens.

But I wouldn't hold my breath for either coming in all honesty. My source, even though right on various other things, was probably wrong...

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I was disappointed in how little Brian Cox was used in Killzone 2.

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McNamara's twitter said Xbox 360 fans would be delighted by this issue. He also offered up a guess for the cover saying 'it's a sequel and we revealed the 1st', so putting those two together, my guess would be Crackdown 2?

The unannounced game, have no idea.

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I know I've been told that SOCOM 4 is being developed by Zipper right now.

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I can't really tell if blacked out his name, but they'll be booted if Sony finds this.

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SOCOM 1 didn't make the list? You can single handly credit SOCOM with carrying online gaming on the PS2 and without it Sony would be farther in the dark in terms on online gaming this generation. Oh well, never really does get respect as a franchise even from Sony.

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