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Jesus that is a long list. I was going to wait to resubscribe, but this looks really tempting...

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Without both the console iterations it wouldn't even be in the press. What do you mean "hold back"?

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A typical response is someone saying Move is pointless because they cannot use it properly. I have also played with it and it makes the beta much, much more enjoyable.

Words also cannot express my amazement with some of you "guys" who know so much about dildos. You might want to get yourself checked out.

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You could always quit after a few months if you do not find it satisfying enough. I personally did that with Phantasy Star Online for the Cube. Enjoyed it for a few, but stopped the payment afterwards.

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I believe I speak for most paying consumers when I say, "I sure as hell hope they do."

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If you are comparing suing a game company to posting on a message board, then I honestly don't think anything can help you in life.

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Not to mention paying monthly for this game will keep one away from other games, therefore one could end up saving if you buy a game a month, for example. Ask anyone who plays WoW and they will probably tell you that is the only game they play, and need.

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Me rethink? It looks as though you need to rethink what I posted. That or you are not of age and therefore it might not make sense to you. In that case, wait a couple years and come back.

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Gamer Sheep need better articles.

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Any full grown man that complains about breast size needs to rethink his manhood.

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Exactly how I felt. I didn't think it was all too impressive until I sat down with the thing. It really has that addicting feel that MMORPGs have. I have only ever paid for one other game like this, many years ago, and DC Universe trumps it completely. I myself will have to find a way to pay for this, but I do so want to.

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These kids need lives.

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Why is this in the PSP feed?

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And here I was thinking Killzone 3 is my only wanted game next year. :(

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I have only the first Gran Turismo and have only played it once. I am not a fan of the series, but even I say, "Bullocks" to anyone who marks down a review for delays. That is the most immature reason to deduct points on any product, not to mention highly unprofessional. Then again, the gaming press is full of people like that, so I am preaching to choir I suppose.

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"Maybe its just poorly made, technically inferior stuff they dont buy, no matter which country its from."

Is the reason. Why would they buy something from Microsoft when Sony and Nintendo make it better? It is common sense that the States seem to lack.

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"In honor of Toy Story 3′s release this week..."

If you are going to honor a movies' release, you probably might want to release movies made by the company who made that movie. Cause yah know, that would make sense.

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They are manually unlocked this time around, so you don't actually have to use them. I have not unlocked any of the other main weapons, but from what I can tell you can only select one at a time. So it looks as though carrying a handgun is a necessity in this game as well. There are multiple selections for each gun class by the way, so there are other options to the standard handgun you always carried around in Killzone 2.

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That is the game most people I know love playing. It is the only one I play on the demo as well. How can it be a minus?

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I ignored the problems with the PS3 version of FO3 and it was definitely my Game of the Year in the end. I could see myself ignoring the supposed problems with New Vegas as well, but there are many other games out there to pay for instead. These guys just seem a bit too greedy for my tastes, what with the DLC announcement they made. I am sure it is an excellent game though.

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