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I went back into Battlefield 2042 a couple days ago and there were a ton of people playing a and seen no issues.
I didn't bother reading this trash article but based off what I seen many are giving it second chance.

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This kinda proves that Microsoft is making the Developers do this little Indie type games to feed the service.

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Its reported to take about 18'ish hrs to get through it so if you love to read then a digital book that'll take you 18'ish hrs to read through then this book might be for you!

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He keeps throwing mud at the wall hoping something will stick.

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I'm just curious but do you or anyone else that reads this consider modded controllers or devices that can add mods like... Rapid fie, sniper shotgun, auto aim, burst fire, drop shot, sniper breath and a much to long of a list to add others, cheating? Keep in mind that millions of gamers use these in FPS games with Call of Duty being the most popular place to find these mods used. Now for the record I absolutely consider this cheating and prefer the out of the console box controller thoug...

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Wow......stop worrying when a couple platform makers can make games that are called "Masterpiece" and a 3rd platform maker "Microsoft" is trying to buy everything in sight no matter the cost and at the same time calling those that support the platform makers that can actually produce art that critics call a Masterpiece "weirdos" is more than a little troubling. Maybe the platform maker "Microsoft" should stop trying to buy everything in sight and use t...

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If God of War was at no additional cost the way the A Plague Tale: Requiem is on Game Pass then yes but I don't expect 100 million will pay to play it. The way Requiem was hyped Day One on Game Pass this game should have far more than 1 million users.

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Yes, Microsoft speak is a language of its own and like any language not native to ones self it takes time to learn.
Back on topic....I get why subs through the Xbox consoles have hit its peak there's simply just not that many Xbox gamers and I'm sure more than a few like me have let the subscription expire. PC is the future of and for Game Pass as there are some 2 billion PC gaming rigs out there and another 2 to 3 billion moblile gamers and that's Microsoft target and it...

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Does Microsoft mention how much they spend to make that 2.9 billion?

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You people that are supporting this, pls just keep rolling over and accept whatever intrusive, anti-consumer BS they can come up with this has nothing to do with cheating. Hell, FPS gamers have been using controllers with mods like auto aim, shotgun snipers, rapid fire, auto find and a hundred others and doing it for so long its look at as a perks and not a cheat.

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Destiny 2 is a pretty good game and the Destiny Franchise is great and without that Developer that made the Destiny Franchise there would be no Halo at all. With that said Halo is a niche game outside of The Halo community on the Xbox consoles.

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For those that never played Nioh or Nioh 2 if your interested in this game play the demo. The Nioh games IMO are a little more difficult than the Dark Souls games with the difference being for me and again IMO getting from the start of the map to a Boss door is noticeable more difficult but like the Souls games if you level yourself up you can make the game as easy as you want it to be. As far as Nioh and Nioh 2 go I think the 1st Nioh game was more difficult but I think Nioh 2 was a better...

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Well, I spent with tax around $350USD for the XB Series S and I need new Xbox First Party games now not a new UI or new controllers or garbage Indie games.
If your tired off topic comments it is a simple solution..... Don't read the comments!
@Orchard.......Neither Starfield or Forza Motorsport said "hi" with a release date so i'm not exactly what that means when they say "hi"!

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"testing new Xbox Home UI"
Can they test some new games they can release in the next say 6 to 10 months.

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This game has a launch exclusive release to one console that's the only issue here.

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You mean the Xbot crowd that's crying about a $10 increase to game prices and the PS5 price hike? The people that are crying over those trivial things would never pkay TLOU Remake nor purchase a PlayStation console and neither of those price hikes seems to be hurting PlayStation not even a little.

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Wow, " if" true that PS5 price hike is looking like pretty good move.

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That wouldn't fit the Microsoft narrative that only Microsoft can do such things.

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Xbox finally has games!

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Microsoft is not only the owner of this IP Microsoft is the Publisher of this IP and this puts Microsoft in the middle of every decision made about this game to include the F-22 Raptor and that includes its cash grabbing $35 price tag.
The Microsoft defense force is out strong for this misstep but nice try.

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