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Focus on one thing at a time. Get the ground game right and then you can discuss space battles.

Personally I don't care about space battles I want the Jedi/sith to feel an play right. I mean seriously why would people want to play a Star Wars game just for space battles? You can space battle in Space battling games...

You can only play Jedi/sith in Star Wars games and we are really due a new one with a fresh engine.

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No it's not about support. A lot of bf4 players can see this game is just a glorified mod and is not worthy the AAA price. That's why me an my friends didn't buy it.

We will wait to see gameplay for Battlefront and decide if that's the next best shooter for us.

I'm sure a majority of pc players were thinking the same.

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It's nothing like Left 4 dead to be honest mate. It's just a horde mode. Left 4 dead had a co op story campaign. If you want a alternative to Left 4 dead I highly recommend Dying Light.

I'm still playing it with one of my friends it's an incredible game. It took away my hunger for left 4 dead 3 to come.

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At the moment I'm contemplating whether to put Win 10 tech preview onto my PC as I don't have important documents to lose if things went wrong. And besides that I have everything backed up onto an external hard drive.

Has anyone put Win 10 preview into their main pc? Let me know your experience and if you've done gaming with it yet.

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They are working on a Star Wars Action game.

Bioware was already rumoured to be working on a Star Wars RPG so this news article is already strange...

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Agreed, loved the beta looking forward to Halo 5.

And the beta was just multiplayer which is my least fav thing about Halo. I love the campaign co-op.

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I agree in not buying season passes right off the bat. But there's nothing wrong with pre ordering a game you are looking forward to playing after seeing gameplay.

I got my pre order on Witcher 3 only so far.

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Pacman had no answer to Floyds impeccable defence.

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If you think gta is boring I'd hate to play the games you enjoy loooool

Gta online heists are fantastic even the singleplayer ones were amazing.

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Can't wait for this game. Getting it on my PC so I don't think loading times will be existent.

I noticed a huge difference with gta 5 on my PC rather than my ps4 between loading between heists missions an back to free mode. The loading cut down quite a bit. But honestly I think it's partly Rockstar online servers that are slow.

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Loooool true.

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Got me a gtx 970 on my i7 2700k, 16gb ram. I should be good for a while yet :)

Mind you I only play on Single 24 inch screen at 1920x1080.

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Agreed, the Halo 5 beta was fantastic, i've pre ordered the limited edition so im ready for Oct.

til then i'll be playing Witcher 3 in waiting :)

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Dying light definitely deserves to be on that list.

I think Witcher 3 is gonna certainly be game of this year so far.

Also as much as I'm enjoying gta 5 on my PC. I don't think it should be considered as a game of the year as it came out two years ago.

I don't think any remadters should be considered game of the year. Only new releases for that year.

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I pre ordered the limited edition on GAME it's a bit pricey but I can't help it I love in game items ;)

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I'm really excited for Win 10. its a much needed upgraded from the epic Win 7.

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Got my gtx 970 rdy to roll! :)

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I don't think it's going to be anything near as good as Dying light from the gameplay vids so far. Dead island 2 just looks like another Dead rising 3. I just don't see it doing well.

Dying light on the other hand has set a new bar for zombie games. I expect a lot from Left 4 dead 3 now.

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So you would only play GTA singleplayer?: That sucks! Might as well stick to GTA san andreas or vice city.

I enjoyed the campaign but when its over its over.
The online heists are fantastic! and i have plenty of fun playing with other people.

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I wouldnt touch this game with a barge pole. Even after they show gameplay, ill wait for people to pick it up and see what the general consensus is...

I was burned with Watch dogs. Worst protagonist ever Aiden is the most boring character ever made.

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