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You're quite right, saw an interview with the dev recently seems it will be the same as Dark souls. I won't be picking this up.

Right now im enjoying Dying light the co-op is so fantastic they really did build the game up with co-op in mind.

The only game i plan to play solo this year is Witcher 3.

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We saw what Graphics did to Crysis.

Gameplay looks very dated. The last of us gameplay shits on this.

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No. Its my preference, I'd prefer to play a game like this co-op. I havent played Dark souls for the same reason. Not interested in solo play when playing these types of games.

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I just wonder if its got co-op for whole campaign like Dying light. That's a make or break thing for me for this type of game.

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Lool people trying to justify why they want to buy it.

The gameplay actually looks solid. But for me a game needs more substance than just killing people, did it in GTA 1 on the Pc long long ago. Nowadays i need better objectives, story and so on.

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Sounds like an issue with your phone/tablet.

N4G never crashes on my iPhone 6 or any previous iPhone ive had. Nor on my iPad.

Also on my phone I got to m.n4g.com which is the mobile version much nicer for reading on phone.

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Where have you been living in a cave?

I don't know about you mate, but ive been loving Walking dead season 1 & 2 and recently started Wolf among us on my iPhone 6 on the way to work. I played all those games through my iphone on journeys to and from work.

If your not doing that already then your probably playin crap like angry birds and candy crush... eww.

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From your comment, you need a dump on your face every day as you are an Idiot.

I pre ordered the game cause I liked the look of the gameplay and want to play it and support the devs. I don't care what preorder bonuses come or don't come with it.

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As long as the Jedi/sith chars are played as 3rd person then I'm happy. But if you gotta swing a lightsaber in first person that's a definite no buy for me.

I miss the good ole days of Jedi Outcast multiplayer with friends soooo much fun.

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So it's the best free to play game you've ever bought?? I'm sure it's the only one...

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No one agrees. The game is boring as sh1t lol. Played two matches of the beta an turned it off. One match the guy playin the monster was sooo bad.

I played this mode 4v1 or 3v1 in Alien vs Predator with Predator hunter. And thats just one mode outside of the campaign and other game modes. Why base a whole game on a single mode? lol this game will fail.

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Loool the Sony fanboy defence team is really working overtime for this game.

I got a PS4 and X1, but of all exclusives this year The Order 1886 looks like a Graphical beast. But in exchange for that its Incredibly Linear and the gameplay looks incredibly SHALLOW. The only way i would play this game is if its free on PS plus.

Bloodborne looks way better in terms of gameplay, but we already know the Dark souls series proven track record.

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IF people thought Destiny was Repetitive.... Enjoy Evolve :D

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Tried the game on my x1, got bored after two matches its seriously Repetitive.

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Majority of those games are gonna be delayed to 2016 you can count on it. Especially when you see no release dates on most of em.

Some you listed don't even have any gameplay videos yet. Wild is one of em.

Lool you're dreaming if you think Everquest Next is out this year hahahaha I love my mmos but I know full well that one ain't out til 2016-2017 most likely.

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Exactly. I wanted an advancement in halo not a replica of the old game again an again. I'm so happy they took the steps forward.

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Played the beta. And can say with total confidence that this is my most anticipated game this year.

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Remind me, doesnt Icebreak replenish its own ammo? If so im soooooo buying it!

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Problem here is that it really doesnt make sense for an air drop to be available in a game like this.

From the perspective of someone thats not into these type of games, wouldnt it take the atomsphere out of the game? I understand from DayZ and similar games that its about survival and searching for goods like Walking dead. If you can just call in an air drop doesnt that just defeat the purpose entirely?

Sorry although im not into these type of games i find ...

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