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Exactly. I hate Steve Balmer and Co. as much as the next guy, for some of the stupid crap they say/do...but these Sony fanboys all act like they'd lick the sweat from Kaz's ballsack, if given the chance.

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Is it 2006 again? I guess I need to get that 2nd job, and start selling blood.

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V:TM for consoles, with cell-shaded graphics? Consider my interest piqued.

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I loved that band, back in the 80s....not sure that's relevant in this comment section though. Maybe you're lost?

EDIT: LOL...you guys are f*cking clueless...and have no eye for sarcasm. And yes, my wife loved the indie game Journey...and Unfinished Swan (I liked that one as well...reminded me of Portal). But neither of those games have ANYTHING to do with Dark.

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Kaz had nothing to do with this, Foolio.

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'Murica...f*ck yeah!

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Looks like Sony trolled themselves as well...


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Yes, just keep your head buried in the sand, and all will be fine. :o

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LOL @ the rampant denial in here....so pathetic.

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That...would be impossible. Not to mention, by the time such a "patch" passed Microsoft's certification process, we'd be halfway into next gen.

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They could definitely release an HD texture pack, like DICE did with BF3...but the animations, and lack of dynamic lighting can't really be fixed through a patch...no matter how big. 8GB is larger than the original game, so this sounds more like wishful thinking than anything.

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Dude...Aquaman sucks; I know it, deep down you know it....everyone knows it. Deal with it, and let it go.

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Yeah, Kinect aside, I think it's similar to what's happening with The Last Guardian: the project was too ambitious and hardware-taxing to work this gen.

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Really? So, if fighting anywhere but in the water, can Aquaman now summon a giant squid into battle with him, or turn into a mutant air-breathing great white shark? No? So no, Aquaman STILL sucks. Unless you attack him in the water, he's about as "badass" as Spongebob Squarepants in the desert.

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SOOO glad I cancelled my pre-order for this. I saw some gameplay a few days before it released, and my "Spidey Sense" went off, telling me I'd experience major buyer's remorse if I bought this game. I love the Borderlands franchise, or I'd just say "F U Gearbox", and never give them a second thought.

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Had I known that Timegate Studios....the dev behind 'Section 8'...was ACTUALLY making this game (the SP campaign that is), and not Gearbox , I'd have never wasted 1 minute thinking of or anticipating this game. Gearbox really lost some respect and credibility with their fans on this one, for not being up-front about this. The low review scores I think are largely in line with that thinking, and a big "F U" to Randy Pitchford and Co. Plus, it really does look like an...

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This garbage was already posted...who approved the dupe?

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I know 1 thing for certain: if Sony DOESN'T announce the PS4 on the 20th, the collective "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOO!!!" heard the world over, will be loud enough to cause earthquakes, landslides, and ice shifting in the arctic regions....and will likely knock the Earth off it's axis, and doom us all.

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I don't know about anyone else, but I plan on playing GTAV on a next-gen console.

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EVERYTHING this moron complained about was pointless. It's like he just woke up from a 7-year coma, and has no clue how the consoles have evolved since PS2/XBOX. Hell, the console experience is far more intuitive and less invasive than that of the PC. I think this guy would be better off playing with a toaster....and a fork.

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