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Until digital offers an option to resell or get store credit for games, physical will always be the better option. I only buy games digitally if i intend to keep it permanently. Games like Resi 4, witcher 3 etc games Like Cod, assassins creed not so much. Would trade those in after time

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And Mass effect Andromeda didnt have ps2 graphics for faces?

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Great so just in time for when ninty start charging for online play

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The sprites can be switched in SSF2 HDR aswell as online

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I had this for a week then returned it. Its not anywhere near as accurate as a pc mouse. It has deadzones and because of the ps4s directional control it can never reach that accuracy but still more precise than the ds4 pad by far

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Boost mode is the least of their worries. Games is what they need to focus on.

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Nintendo needs to open virtual console to keep games coming. Noone wants shitty indies cos it seems like thats the direction Nintendo is going. They should add wii-u games as digital. Apart from mario kart, xenoverse 2 and mario odyssey, there doesnt seem to be much going for it this year

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What happened to the story expansion in the season pass?

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Ive finished the ps4 version twice but i would double dip for resi 4, 5, 6, and 7 on a handheld

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Im hoping for a port of MKX or the recent KOF

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This would bw a great opportunity for them to release a new left joycon with a dpad on it

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It means Nintendo better get some fucking games out

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Perfect rivals? hmm ok like WWE2K16 and UFC? humans in a ring? same thing i suppose

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Anyone who already has this, is the battery life improved over the golds? I'm gonna buy em but curious because ive heard mixed things

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It will have its own market but Sony and Microsoft wont see this as a threat

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Who wants games on carts? People who have a brain and may want to trade games in once they're done with it.

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£279 in the uk without any games? What a rip off. Ill stick to x1 and ps4 pro

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Dude the Raiju's dpad is 4 separate buttons meaning there isnt any diagonal button presses so if you play fighters like street fighter, you can forget about trying to do qcf and dragon punch motions. Says this in reviews aswell that its useless for any fighter. Takes out a whole genre.

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I totally screwed this up and ended up deleting everything 4rm my old console inc screenshots game installs captures etc because i done it the wrong way round. Sob sob

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Looks like a rip off of Laura from SFV

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