<3 technology, hence, a gamer =D
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Sounds like it has a proper solid story too :-) hours and hours of fun

p.s. did anyone else notice the dogs? :D

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I think it would be pretty cool if developers actually showcased/teased gameplay/concepts of next generation games BEFORE next-generation consoles are actually showcased.
I think this would get the public speculating on how consoles could preform as compared to showing everyone the console first and THEN the games.

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I've always thought of the "E3 2012" to be "the big one", not because there's a likihood of any new consoles being released but because of the footing developers and competitors now have. And maybe because of the year as well lol.

There are a LOT of games people are looking forward to (more so on PS3's behalf) and it would be nice if Sony please the customer as well as themselves too by showing gameplay of certain titles and release dates as ...

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Bit like that "PS3 power/GT HD Concept" trailer?


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This tech demo was about two things in regards to the technology and "PS3 power" side of things:

Advancements in Animation and how that is affected by Emotion.

If game characters can "think" for themselves without OUR input, that would be a MASSIVE leap forward.

i.e. it's not all about processing power/graphics (: (think about it and relate it to games such as GTA and inFamous, where decisions influence the gameplay) ...

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In a cultural sense you could use burkas or like scarves/turbans to hide things in. Or as disguise.

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It's kinda like a re-make of the 1st FC. Like they do with films (Texas Chainsaw, Alice in Wonderland, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory etc.) although the results aren't always as "classic" as the origional. But we learn to make things better as technology and understanding develops. Maybe they will do this with games like the first Motorstorm (to make them look more like the origional E3 trailer)?

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Maybe... they will release a trilogy pack with Killzone 1 re-mastered in HD! That would be cool!

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woah, ur from Walsall?! :O me too lol! I ordered off Play.com yesterday but on my way back from university today I went past GAME on the high street and saw the midnight opening.

I'm sorry for the excitement regarding Walsall though, it's just that I see people from all over on N4G and to see a comment regarding Walsall is rare. Lol.

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Does this mean that TLG is coming out March/April time? :O

To make it the "ICO trilogy"?


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Just came to wish a special brand a Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Playstation :)

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does this mean... 5 platinum trophies?

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Alan Wake?

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1 - Uncharted 2
1 - Killzone 2
1 - God of War III
1 - MGS4
1 - LittleBigPlanet

They're ALL number one for me because they are all different genre's and unique in their own way (:

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sony have done right by going from "controller" to "motion controller", MS went straight from controller to "motion sensing". It's always sensible to have "a road on your bridge to success"

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This will be the fastest selling game in history...

Until GT6 comes out!


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Personally, I just hope that something like "move" doesn't make the game designers have to compromise graphics in the games. Altho its a step in a new direction, its still early. Every leading console is trying the "motion sensing tech for casual gamers" thing...

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Lets hope that the MS3 trailer is as good as the very first MS trailer at E3!

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I got the main GTA for PC (GTA IV) but ima get these for my PS3

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so they're just going to keep releasing the SAW games like they're releasing the filmns?

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