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Maybe they're working on PlayStation All-stars 2... This time we'll be able to pull the spine out of PaRappa the Rapper in glorious 4K

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I wish Microsoft would release 4-5 great exclusive in a row before talking like they've figured it out. They talk like they run the industry when they're barely participating in it. It's time to execute the game plan and stop talking about it.

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If Microsoft feel confident with what they showed and that they don’t have to hold anything back for the Scarlet...Then I’m scared for what they show for next gen...

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Survival mode was just that sweet spot for me personally... I couldn't get it done on grounded. I like to stealth kill almost everyone and on grounded that's almost impossible with those unforgiving checkpoints...

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1 millions a month x 12 months = 12 millions for the year.... I suspect the budget for Gears 5 is hovering around the 90 millions. That's one game that's on Gamepass.

Microsoft won't admit it, but I truly believe that game pass is bleeding money and this gravy train won't last forever.

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In what world is ND a one trick Pony? They've released crash bandicoot, crash team racing, multiple jack and daxster games, uncharted franchise and tlou... That's as diverse as a catalog gets... (multiple trick Pony)

Microsoft has been handing out money for years. It takes more than money to make a great game. If money is all it took, Microsoft would be the best gaming company of all time no question asked.

I'm not really sold on many of the...

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I can fully see that they're trying to mix it up and I'm fully on board for it. Doesn't stop me from wishing that their next game before Gears 6 will be a new ip. It's like Naughty Dog for sony. They could've made Uncharted 4, but they made The Last of us instead and I'm forever grateful for it. Sure they made Uncharted 4 afterwards, but their passion project (tlou) is what blew me away.

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This will be their second gears game and the 6th in the franchise... I'm saying "after this game" I would like to see them use their talent on a new ip. What's wrong with what I said?

Polyphony lives and breaths cars, so them doing something else would be out of place (but still welcomed) The Coalition is more like a Naughty Dog. We wouldn't want ND using their talents on making another crash game would we?

For the down vote patrol....

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Right.... So you're saying that The Coalition is a one trick pony? "Don't bother showing us more tricks, we only want the classic"

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I believe The Coalition is Microsoft best studio and their creativity is limited by the boundaries Microsoft has placed on them by forcing them to work on Gears.

Hopefully after this game they can move on to something else and fully stretch out their wings.

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Dice has been all downhill since Battlefield 1. That game was excellent and if they used that formula for battlefront they would've had a winner. Having to level up you character online during a match to be able to ride vehicles is one of the dumbest things ever. The beauty about battlefield is that you saw a Jeep, you hoped in and went...etc with plains, tanks and bikes. Greed got in the way of the fun and then rushing your games got in the way of quality.

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Sony was living rent free during E3 this year!

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More Xbox only content and less 3rd party content.... I would like them to really dive in into their games and only show a few 3rd party to make their own games standout... We're at a point that 3rd party games already reveal at their own beat.

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Let's see how much hate Sony gets for this one...

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No Sony, No horny...

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What I don't understand is why does Nintendo have the luxury of bundling their consoles together to pad the numbers in their favour? I saw the other day on that IGN article about "Top selling consoles of all time" and they bundled game boy and game boy color even though they came out almost 10 years apart... "but it can play game boy games, but in color so it's like the same thing" true, but PS2 can play all the ps1 games and we don't bundle those two together ...

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"we're milking this cow dry for our fans... So if this cow dies, it's their fault"

True story

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I say No One should be buying it period. If you can't find a One S, spend a little more and buy the One X or if you don't want to spend the extra money just buy a PS4...

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I believe Microsoft is fazing out the One S. They'll offer the One X for those who want a physical media drive and a One SAD for everyone else...

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Technically Microsoft isn't at E3. They have their show before the expo officially starts... They've been doing this for years. (That way they can save money and use those savings to make great games like Sot, SoD and CD3)

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