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It's a console port, so it doesn't need any real power.

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You worry/obsess too much over gaming, you need counselling, I recommend talking to your teacher/parent immediately, you are taking it so very serious it's starting to depress humanity.

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GTA IV is the worst in the series for gameplay, The idea of actual "FUN" not coming from the story must have been a last minute idea for Rockstar. I'm playing Saints Row 2 now, and the first 30mins were more fun than most of GTA IV, no stupid driving friends around in REPTATIVE activities or "fun" as you have labeled it, SR2 has so much to do and the fact the story isn't as serious but much more likable is ironic to say the least.

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They look exactly the same, Halo 3's water to many was a showcase, many people would just throw grenades and run about it looked so good.

blah blah blah MGS4 just had nice character models, had to bring that into the equation aswell Einstein?

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Resistance 1 had 40 player was it? it sure died out quick, I wonder why! :D

Quantity doesn't beat Quality mate, maybe Insomniac should learn a few things from Bungie yet?

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So I wouldn't be surprised when a developer tries to match/beat a rivals game with certain features, even if it's pretty water.

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PS3 fanboys said 360 games are all brown and dull, yet Halo 3 is still more colorful than R2, Halo 3 can hold detailed textures even up close, look for a COD4|Halo 3 comparison and you'll know what I mean.

Halo 3 had very pretty water, and R2 has to go and do the same, so I think they are pretty much in a stalemate! :D

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Well stop taking it as fact juuken, and I've found a nice home on PC Gaming so you can call me a PC fanboy now! :D

360 didn't have many games in it's first year, just games with sharper textures ported from the Xbox 1. I don't see why you kids just leave it.

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Ask DarkSniper the same.

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I seriously doubt you are going to get that quality of ground textures constantly through the game.

Heres a fair comparison, Epic take a picture of what shows Gears 2's graphics best, and Guerrila do the same.

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Dunia is hardly more efficient, Crysis has much more detail than FarCry 2 as a wholl, it looks so plain and dull fire or not.

Dumbed down for consoles, would have looked so much better without them.

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Because they developers want to make profit on it, so while it sells they can find ways to make it cheaper.

It will also get the competition going well, which always ends better for us the consumer.

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Really well balanced and tons of fun especially on Power Struggle if you work as a team.

Beats out most FPS MP's recently if you ask me, fast and frantic, going back to Halo 3 it just feels slow "and god does it look ugly compared to maxed out on DX10" :D

I think everyone who could run it decently should pick it up, budget priced awesomeness.

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Graphically it's much like the first, an update allowed you to turn on V-sync "stupid I know, syncing 60hz TV to a sub 30fps game", turning it on really killed the FPS in some areas.

It's the fun that made this game stand out in 2006, the sequel just seems to add to it, the hand to hand combat, picking up objects and bashing your enemies is stuff I want to see, new weapons "lol tazer" are nice too.

Story wise, I'm really interested on how the sain...

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Out of what, 50?


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Easy to develop for, and great results for what hardware you are using "that is if the developers put effort in".

You can always improve.

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Gears of War DX10 rendering doesn't change a single thing, other than it caps your FPS in half? terrible optimisation right there.

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I played Motorstorm 2, it was called Motorstorm 1.
LBP? gmod tbh
Resistance 1?
Wipeout 64!
Socom PS2
Random JRPG #140581

A PS2 would suffice more nicely.

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You aren't serious man, Gears looked so dull "not colour wise" but textures, and the environments, with the dodgy animations are you sure you were playing Crysis on Very High?

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4870 wasn't spose to compete with the GTX series originally, but it did and in most benchmarks it either equaled or surpassed it, the 4870X2 destroyed them in certain benchies.

ATI are full of surprises lately.

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