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The site is a FAKE.



The HL graphic logo has the ® Trademark symbol which is AGAINST FEDERAL LAW to use unless the Trademark has been registered and accepted by the government.

Do a simple trademark search and you'll see that there's no listing for Half-Life 3.

Also highly doubt Valve would register a HL3 related domain in priv...

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The site is a FAKE.



The HL graphic logo has the ® Trademark symbol which is AGAINST FEDERAL LAW to use unless the Trademark has been registered and accepted by the government.

Do a simple trademark search and you'll see that there's no listing for Half-Life 3.

Also highly doubt Valve would register a HL3 related domain in priv...

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So, if I shoot down a tree, why would it regrow? And by "real time" to we mean actual years?

I just don't see the point of a destroyed environment, such as a forest being able to regrow, unless somehow it is part of the story,

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Why do PS fans always claim that "the surface has just been scratched" when time and time again the PS3 fails to deliver as promised (HD resolution 60fps) in most of it's games?

For PS fans to say that this mystery game, or ANY game on the PS3 will blow away Crysis is ABSURD.

A lot of people don't know that Crysis is a fully scalable engine. Next year when 12 core processors (not SPEs) come out Crysis will be able to take advantage of the improvements, as ...

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As pointed out by some posters above, most Wal-Marts don't even have 10 different BR titles. Some Super-Mega-Ultra Wal-Marts have more, but those stores only make up a small percentage of Wal-Marts in the country.

Also, this deal does not make much sense. Why would -retailer- give away $300 worth of movies for a -GAME- system; a game system that they most likely only make $50 off of?

If this rumor does pan out it may turn out that this format war indeed was th...

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I am REALLY aggravated as Warhawk was one of the games I have been looking forward to AND I was looking forward to an event-free online experience especially after reading this article:

which touted how ready Sony was for all of users.

Hopefully in the coming week they will add a lot more servers.

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The only game I simply cannot stop playing after 17 years is Street Fighter 2: Turbo. All other games I have played to death and could, in theory, live without. My fav. games are as follows.

Street fighter 2: Turbo
Discs of Tron
Dragon's Lair
Major Havoc
Fantasy Zone 2
Space Harrier
Total Annihilation
Super Mario 64
Half Life
Half Life 2
Deus Ex
Resident Evil 4 on gamec...

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The point is that the PS3 has always been touted as the "better" system, especially in the graphics department. Furthermore "30fps" WAS good for a last gen game. However, those who are dropping $600+ on a PS3 should expect more out of the PS3. I know I am let down and really wanted to buy Madden for the PS3, but I am going to get the 360 version solely because of the 30fps difference. Personally, I really am upset that there is ANY choppiness in a football game in 2007...

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I have been really looking forward to Lair, but everything I have seen has been inconsistent. The opening looks like a movie, but once the dragon gets on the ground it really looks like crap. Then once the dragon gets back into the air it looks really great again.

I did not like the bad voice acting either via the voiceovers telling the player what to attack.

I really wanted to buy Lair, but since the reviews have been inconsistent I may actually end up renting...

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If you plan on getting the Sony credit card, buying the PS3 on it and then immediately paying off the bill, then this is a good deal, otherwise get ready to pay back that $100 savings with 23% interest.

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My launch xbox got the RRofD in march of last year. I paid the $100 and they sent me another 360 and everything has been fine, but the built in network adapter just went out and although they refunded my money previously for the initial repair, it would now cost $100 to get my network repaired. I argued with them that I should not have to pay it and then were unrelenting, but still sent me a box to send it back. Problem is I don't know if the repair is now "free" or are they going ...

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Black on Black violence is infinitely more an issue in the real world than white on black violence; I.E. "Hate Crimes."

Look at the Sudan massacres; religious black on black violence and murder, and it's one of the worst atrocities in the history of mankind.

People who complain about video game violence do not live in reality and have no sense of history, let alone current events.

BTW, the violence in the Sudan is spread blade to blade, h...

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Dell is only putting the BR drives in their top of the line XPS series which retails starting at $3600. Toshiba is putting HDDVD in ALL of their laptops. Dell is the number two manufacturer, whereas Toshiba is number four.

As for China producing Blu-Ray, that is a big rumor as well. It would be the smartest move EVER for Sony to literally give away the technology to the Chinese to mass produce; Sony ain't in it to win the "HD" war by hardware sales, but then again S...

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Toshiba is putting the HD DVD drive in ALL of it's laptops. That's going to be Nine million laptops per year, at least. Also, HD DVD has the support of Wal-Mart and the Chinese who both are looking at HD DVD more than Blu-Ray as both Wal-Mart and the Chinese can push the price of HD DVD drives down dramatically. So I don't think HD DVD is out of the picture, not at all.

The ONLY real advantage Sony has is in Disney. However, if anyone has not noticed, Disney has been rath...

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UT has always been a twitch-fest, but this is just ridiculously fast. How can this game be fun? I understand that 14 year olds will play this game like crack, but as and "elderly" gamer I want to earn my kills, not twitch my kills.

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If I were Sony I would use THIS year to suck up all the losses from the PS3. Sony could drop the price of the PS3 to $399 this Christmas and lose their ass, but since it's all in the same fiscal year AND with Spiderman 3's massive profits, and the PS2 profits, it would be a perfect time to gain some headway with a $399 price point.

Right now market share has to be Sony's top priority with the PS3. Sony has lost "face" with the relatively slow sales of the PS3. If So...

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I own two 360's and the replacement 360 for my launch 360 has already "died." Well my onboard network adapter does no longer function. Microsoft says it's because of my "incompatible" router that has worked fine for a year with both 360's and still is working fine with my newer 360. They said it would cost $100 to fix. So, I tried to work around the problem by buying their expensive $100 wireless adapter, which works great, except I can't play with any of my friends on ...

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One of the biggest issues that this author overlooks, and I am getting quite sick and tired of it, is the price difference. The median price for a PS3 right now, with one game, out the door, is $600; for the 360 it's $400; for the Wii it's $300.

Now, that price difference will obviously scale down over the next few years, but the wii has a huge advantage in that it is very profitable right now and will only get more profitable. Put simply, Nintendo is making truckloads of mon...

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I think this game would have been more suited to the Wii; not because it's "Kiddie" but because of the overall cost of the game. You have to buy a PS3, EyeToy and the game and then (I assume) fork over money for more cards to play. It's a great idea, and looks like a lot of fun, and I will be buying it for my PS3, but the mass appeal is limited due to the high cost. Hopefully in the future all game systems will have motion control and a camera(s).

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There is no way Crysis is coming to the PS3. The PS3 only has 256mb of addressable ram for the video card and about 160mb left over for system ram after the OS; Crysis's minimum is ONE GIG, so even the 360 would be choking to pull anything more than 10fps.

There is a reason why the dual core 3.0mhz is $1,000 and a top of the line video card is at least $500. I wish both the PS3 and the 360 BOTH had at least a Gig of ram and then 512mb video card, but then the price would be $...

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