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Probably as powerful as the Switch too...

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I would be liberal leaning politically but this is nonsense. There was absolutely nothing wrong with that joke. People should be able to joke about what they want.

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Day 1 patches that are bigger than the game? Come on now! What percentage of games would have this? A negligible number. On disk DLC is more common but once the main game is there, I can't see how its a negative compared with the old days. Free games with PS plus didn't obviously exist years ago but does today and you can get two free games per month. How can you look at the huge beautiful open world games that we have today and honestly think that the old days were better? Look at St...

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People think they're great putting VI before VII. VII is the best FF game. Everybody knows it but its too obvious so people like to put other FF games ahead of it to stand out. The characters, the story, the world, the ability to explore with the airship, the chocobo breeding, the mini games, the soundtrack and one of the best villains of any video game ever. FF VII is not just the best FF game but perhaps the best game ever released. VI is brilliant don't get me wrong and VIII, IX an...

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People comparing FF XV and FF XIII review scores need to remember that the reviewers are different people and the site's score is just the person's opinion at the time of playing.

What always worried me about FF XV was how the real-time combat would play out. I wanted an extension of XII's system. I was not not a fan of XIII's system at all because the game was far too easy except for trying to get a 5 star time (which ruined the whole thing for me). I hate ...

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When he said the there is no Sky Box, he was talking about the sky of the planet, not the solar system. It would be technically impossible to have the real star. For example, Earth would fit about 1,000,000 times into the Sun. They would not be able to put an object that large into the game and have the player fly around it. Use your head for heaven's sake.

Most people disappointed for this game should blame themselves for buying a game like this s...

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I'm also Irish and a programmer. To compare Sean Murray to the Irish politicians is idiotic. This guy created a game engine in a year that could generate entire planets. That alone is probably a greater achievement than you will ever be able to lay claim to in your entire lifetime. Anyone with any common sense, would know that the game would lack depth considering its scale and the team's tiny size. The game was about experiencing something new. Of course a game of this size will have...

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Best lay off the acid

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What exactly were people expecting from No Man's Sky exactly? It was made by 8 people and mostly made by Sean Murray himself. The game is certainly a huge technical achievement. What did the game not have that people wanted?

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As a programmer, even if this game had 5% on metacritic, I would still get it because of the technical achievement that it is. For a small team to pull a game like this off is a massive achievement. For a small team to create a game for PS4 and PC with their own 3D game engine is an achievement in itself. The fact that they made a game engine that can create an entire universe where the player can fly from one full planet to the next is mind-blowing. I just wish Sean Murray would release the ...

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Well because SteamOS can easily be installed alongside Windows and gamers can jump back and fourth. Its not rocket science. Gamers can also use pretty much any new Linux OS with Steam and when Vulkan takes off, more and more games will be available for Linux. There's also Mac to think about. If MS didn't care about keeping gamers on Windows, why would they bother creating their own graphics API? Why would they bother having Windows Store?

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That's the most immature and illogical thing I've read in a while (including Donald Trump's comments).

You don't buy a console for exclusives. You buy a console to play games and X1 exclusives are optimized at a low level for the console and will perform as good as a PC with better hardware than X1 because of that. Windows 10 and X1 are now DX12 compatible meaning it is a lot easier for developers to bring their games to both. How is somebody playing this gam...

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PC gamers are unlikely to buy an X1 anyway. More and more games are coming to PC and Microsoft realise that bringing these games to PC as soon as possible will keep gamers on PC and reduce the incentive to move to SteamOS. Micrsoft make their money on software, not hardware. The problem with PC before was piracy but gamers tend to buy with Steam now mostly because of online features, achievements and nice discounts. Consoles are a better choice for gamers with limited finances and with Window...

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People complaining about the multi-part series do not understand game development. FF7 was a very big game filled with a lot of content. Though it was not fully 3D (the player could not alter the camera perspective) and this allowed the team to cut down on the number of 3D assets in the game dramatically. The player was also scaled up on the world map meaning a massive reduction in the detail and number of assets required to represent the outside world. As a result, the player could travel an...

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For full source code access and better performance, go with UE4. For easier programming and and no royalties, go with Unity 5.

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Blueprints are not fast enough to make a proper game. They are useful for animation state machines, game objectives and high-level AI decisions but they depend on the underlining c++ functions that they call. In general, something done with Blueprints is more than four times slower at runtime when compared to c++. As a programmer, my advice to any aspiring game programmer is to start small. Firstly, master c++! Then learn how to program a small game just using c++ and D3D or OpenGL. Start by ...

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That is nonsense. An engine does not have a certain "look". The look is up to the 3D artists that create the models, textures and materials. UE4 is also completely open source to subscribers so all shaders can be edited and replaced. Bioware would have forked the code of Frostbite to build DA Inquisition. No rendering engine comes optimised for all games and FPS games and open world RPGs have very different requirements. Each game will change the engine code to some extent to suit i...

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DDoS is not a hack and is very very easy to do. These scum think they are great because they are getting fame for doing something that anyone can do. It would be wise to not mention their name when posting messages online as to limit their publicity.

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It's only a number for heaven's sake. What if the average is 7.9? Will you round up?

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If Ubisoft purposely downgraded the PS4 version to match the X1 then that's a disgrace. Maybe it might not run at 1080p on PS4 anyway. However, inFamous Second Son runs at 1080p at 30fps. Though games differ vastly. AC has a huge amount of characters on screen at the same time. It may have a lot more expensive effects than Infamous. I'm curious to see how well future open world games like Borderlands 3 and Fallout 4 will run.

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