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Skyrim was a great looking game when it released in 2011. Their games may not have had the same quality graphics as some other devs but the graphics wasn't a gen behind. Yet again idiotic non technical people making stupid remarks. I really wish there was a gaming site for programmers like me instead of this garbage site that is full of retards.

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Skyrim was an excellent game that got better reviews than Oblivion and Morrowind. They make one bad game (Fallout 76) and suddenly everyone forgets that Fallout 76 was just a half serious project. This is because people are stupid and make uninformed remarks. I put more hours into Skyrim than any other game from this gen or the gen before it.

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It's a great game but not game of the decade imo. My game of the decade would be Skyrim because it really did open world like no other game for it's time and it just was overwhelming and exciting with things to do. TLOU was great but it was it's linear design and certain doors in the levels couldn't be opened which was irritating. It had great animations and gameplay though. I would also rank GTA V, the Witcher 3 and Mass Effect 2 ahead of it.

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Just because something has been around a long time, doesn't make it wise. Supporting a sports team is also very different to supporting a particular brand of games console because a games console is a product and consumers switch to competing products when the competition is better value. Supporters of sports teams don't change teams. This is primitive stuff. Anyway healthy competition is good and there would be no competition if gamers weren't open to switching between consoles. ...

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It does matter if one machine is more powerful than the other because multiplatform games will play better and exclusives can have more potential. PS5 will have the best exclusives but multiplatform games make up the vast majority of games on a platform and have the biggest franchises. Think GTA, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Witcher, Cyberpunk, Assassin's Creed, Battlefield, Dying Light, COD, Souls games etc. All of these would play better on better hardware.

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Now I give 0.13% more of a fck

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Tencent own a large stake in Epic too. They're a gigantic company

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I'll put a core member in his sister's project!

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I thought this was out already. People were making stuff in it. Must have been the beta.

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Rockstar are remastering the PS2 GTAs currently for release on this gen or next gen. I heard this from a former Rockstar QA.

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MM are technical wizards. No studio tops their technical talents.

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Haven't played Death Stranding yet but the first MGS was so incredible that that alone makes this guy a genius. There's still nothing like MGS out there and it's a pity konami own the rights. Maybe Sony might buy the IP and we see MGS6 as PS5 exclusive made with Decima. Just imagine a Kojima/Guerrilla MGS game. Make it happen Sony!

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It was playable so of course it was rendered in real time by the Fox engine. The static lighting is the only thing pre-baked from a rendering perspective

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There wasn't really much competition though lol

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Yes but they came out in 2018 vs a late 2020 console. The next gen consoles are not a massive jump in compute. The rtx 2080 struggles with Ray tracing and keeping high frame rate and resolution.

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Both these guys have accomplished more than vast majority of of you writing negative comments.

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Lol oh dear. Can people who are not software devs please refrain from talking about engines. I also hate the word "engine". Engines are just software. They contain a lot of different modules such as the renderer, physics engine, audio engine. animation. Ai. scene management, level editor, asset or resource management, components and scripting api and utilities like maths, memory management, threading and many more. Most engines use third party physics engine (physx, havok) and audi...

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This article needs a remake..

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