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Mark is just to modest relay.
such a genius, and still just so plain and humble.

i'm actually looking forward to this new game.

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the amazing power of the cloud...

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nice article but, why did you ruin the surprises??

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well the ps3 version edges out a narrow win.
props to R* to have gotten them this close.

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yeah polygon has no clue what so ever.
cheap shot at tlou, how clue less can you be really!

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meh it was a pointless argument to begin with.
at least now he seems grown up about it.

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your absolutely right, as you pointed out those shots do have slight diffidences, PS3 version looks a little better.
which is a first for R* games this gen.

very happy to see that at least this time R* tried there best to make them almost identical.

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i need to get my hands on this one for sure.
hopefully my local store will receive this pack with awesome value.

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I have preorder killzone along with my ps4 way back in march this year..

always known guerilla would bring cutting edge and this just proves ps4 is very capable of 1080p in 60 fps while looking stunning, probably the bst looking game to release in nov cross all platforms including pc

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lets wait and see.
hackers defo have there hands on the 18gb download.
but cant imagine rock star being that stupid as to not includes some sort of a lock to prevent early access to hackers.

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Sony leading the way into the future again.

this makes me want to buy the digital.
having all this sexiness on my hdd is a selling point.

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WoW what a great list.

love jack and dexter..
ac 3 is nice too..\

thx sony

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no, but seriously what??

your buying a $500 machine add another $60 for the game and another $50 for xbox live and on release day and they want you to pay up for the full experience??

and this is there system seller title?

whatever man, this is just sad

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another reason why PS4 owns the competition.
as if we didn't have enough of those.

it's going to be come real apparent in a year or two folks.

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Wow, great time to be an PS3 Owner looking forward to this game more and more.

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what a great program..
hopfully we will be getting the juice details soon.

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Great List!!
enough to start out with.
Those free to play titles will always come in handy as December is looking to become an expensive month.

Great work Sony.
Now to extend my Ps Plus and get the Xtra 3monts free.


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A New PS4 7.1 headset would have been cool

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Sooner is always better but the date is good enough.
it's still in time for the holiday season and we will have lots of time to play with our new kits.

Just happy to know when we will finally be getting our kits.

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looks great!
love the way the represented it.
Go Shuhei!!!

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