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Will he be gay though?

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100% agree

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You can shove your subscriptions and NFT's where the sun don't shine.

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It's Russian, how are we still allowed to play this? 🙃

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Maybe he doesn't play online and therefore doesn't need a subscription?

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It's a bleak future then

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Yup. They really mean you will own absolutely nothing. Whether you'll be happy about that is debatable. This is just one small part of the agenda.

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Yes it is. Is that a good thing though? Absolutely not.

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Absolutely 100% agree, and I've said exactly the same thing a number of times.

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Subscriptions aren't my future. I've been gaming since the 80s and I've said this before, but I will leave gaming behind if this ends up being the way of things. I'm not a fan of paying to rent, which is why I'm nit a fan of the Gamepass model. I don't even have Netflix! The only thing I subscribe to is Amazon Prime and that's because it offers more than just video streaming. I get tangible benefits with the included delivery.

Subscriptions will ...

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Tell me more!

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Yeah that's very true, it would have made a perfect SD slot, and it would have freed up one of the USB ports. Still though, I'm having loads of fun with it. The controller takes some getting used to and it's not the most comfortable, but that is less to do with the build - which is excellent - and more to do with the fact it's based on the CD32 pad, which wasn't great to begin with. The bundled tank mouse is very, very good though, and it's easy to add more games with ...

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I've got an A500 mini. Let's talk about that

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No it doesn't. If I wanted to buy a PS5 I wouldn't go out and buy a Series X or S just because they're available. Where is the sense there? Can it really be so hard to believe that people might just be buying Xbox Series consoles because they actually want one?

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Why would people do that though? If I wanted a PS5 why would I buy a Series S just because it's available? I would wait until I could get one, I wouldn't buy something else instead. That is just a waste of money UNLESS you had planned to get one at some point anyway.

Surely you only buy something you actually want to buy?

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The MTs are entirely optional. They're not exactly "heavy"

I agree that they shouldn't be there in the first place but there's nothing that can't be obtained by just playing the game. No need to spend even one extra penny once you've bought the game.

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Yup, welcome to the digital DRM future where you own nothing

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Sure Game pass is good if you don't care about ownership, and don't mind paying to rent games.

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