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Well you're slow, aren't you?

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...and nothing of value was lost.

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Of course it is. DS2's only 7 months old, for Christ's sake!

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The thing is, while it looks amazing, that wouldn't be in-game if it was an actual game, it'd be an FMV.

No game on the Unreal engine looks that good. Not with all the pop-in, texture loading and other crap.

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I hope MS doesn't use 'Xbox 720'. That sounds so fucking stupid!

EDIT: @DrFUD: What's disc space got to do with the name of the console?

EDIT 2: @Disagrees: Yes, yes it is a shitty, unimaginative and unoriginal name. Who the hell came up with it anyway?! I hope to Christ they don't get a job designing consoles, I really do.

EDIT 3: Heh, it's probably the same guy who came up with 'WiiU' and 'The Dark Knight...

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Cool. Was going to pick up the PSP versions of these a few days ago. Might as well wait of this.

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You do know that these 'DLC' costumes and stuff are already on the disc, right? So it isn't DLC at all, it's NRS showing us that they're lazy pricks by 'releasing' stuff that should've been playable when the game came out.

If you disagree, you're an idiot because there were vids on Youtube of a hacked 360 version that had all the Classic costumes - basically everything that's getting 'released' now.

EDIT: Here&#...

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Too much blur! Oh god, my eyes!!

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They need to stop catering to the 12 year olds. I want a fucking HORROR game, please.

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Now I know what game I won't be buying next year.

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How hard is it for SP to put in a goddamn stats screen?!

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Well SCEE certainly isn't listening to us Europeans. We either get left out of the good stuff or get crap shoved down our throats.

What a goddamn joke.

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Not sure if the author is serious. If he is, he needs to grow the fuck up.

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I'd rather have that then a shitty QTE fest disguised as a game.

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Nah, it'll make you feel like a casual.

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Goddamn, I remember when this came out! Took ages to find a copy because it was sold out everywhere, lol! Just shows how awesome this game is!

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My boner has reached critical mass!

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So is this getting an English version or what?

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Uncharted is about the SP, not MP, so who (Other than the rabid Sony fanboys) gives a shit? I sure as hell don't because I'm buying U3 for the SP.

Besides, both U2 and U3's MP sucks ass anyway.

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