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Yeah I'm ready to see some floating horses or backwards flying dragons. Makes for some laughs. Hopefully There's not too many issues.

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what happened to MK?

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Surprised these guys gave it a 6 after listing to them describe how broken the DLC has made this game.

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@ mydyingparadiselost
" my (already patched) game encountered frequent frame rate stuttering, crashed multiple times and glitched out so I couldn’t respawn after dying."
Sounds so much like a recent Assassins game. Which scored a 7.8 somehow.

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a good read

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I know what you mean. I thought it was Tomb Raider in first person for a second.

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IDK from the voices playing in the background, it sounds like Drake is persuading his crew to have his back for one more adventure. I think having one more 'Nathan Drake' Uncharted is good. At least they can kind of close the story with him before moving on. And come on, it's next gen Uncharted so it should be awesome.

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Yep. A good example of a game with a good story, missions...etc, is Wolfenstein NO. If The Order has as much content as W:NO, it will be awesome. Love a good campaign.

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Wolfenstein is pretty long for a fps shooter, 20ish hours. It's also great. Good story and nice varied gameplay.

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Exactly. Develop some new IP's, don't buy exclusives. You know who I'm talking to.

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I agree. If the game delivers an enjoyable experience that's of decent length and tells an enthralling story, one playthrough can be enough.

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Yeah opinion piece for sure

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Doesn't 5/5 designate it's perfect? TF is a fun game, but not perfect!

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Could the "Awesom o 4000" run it?

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If I had an Xbone, I'd definitely pick up QB

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Awe man, I would love a new Rambo game. Unfortunately...

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Or he could be excited the game is being optimized for the system he owns/favors.

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"The PS4 consumes more power than the Xbox One in every mode except Connected Standby, where the Xbox One chews threw 18W compared to Sony’s 8.8W"

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IDK. Breaking Bad almost killed me when it released to Netflix.

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Don't worry. More will come... eventually, like the dragons in Game of Thrones.

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